Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wonderful Day

Mom and I had a day Christmas shopping and we had so much fun and it was so successful that the Australian economy has just rebounded! Of course our credit cards are looking very woeful, but it was such fun. We dropped Elizabeth off at Uni for her very last day of lectures in her first year - Wow has time flown! She just has 3 exams and then she is finished, can't believe it.

Mom and I then went out and found so many lovely Christmas gifts. We also had such lovely experiences in most shops that we went into. People were friendly and helpful and our whole day was a pleasurable experience. So unlike the busy rush of the usual Christmas shopping season. I am almost finished my shopping, now need to think about the handmade things, the Christmas letter and cards and then plan the menu and the food. I think this year is going to be our most organised in ages. Have even booked the carpet cleaners for mid November, so the tree can go up on the last weekend and the Christmas excitement can really start.

Elizabeth met us for lunch and we then enjoyed another hour or so, just browsing and enjoying our time out together. Fetched the children from school and have come home to think about dinner. Checked all my emails, caught up on Blogs and am really relaxed.

I hope you experience such lovely days this year for your Christmas shopping.



Anonymous said...

It was a great day thank you Beverly, and yes have to agree, the shop assistants were so helpful and pleasant.Thats the advantage of shopping early before they get tired and grumpy.

Ian Weatherburn said...

Isn't it nice when you don't work and you can go and shop during the hours when the rest of us are contributing towards our respective economies. *sulk* :)
At least you had fun.