Monday, October 13, 2008

Husband's home

For the 'almost' 20 years of my marriage to Ivan, we have shared a wonderful magic together. I met my soul mate and the person 'who gets me most!" For a lot of the time we have had together, especially since living in Australia, his job has meant that he travels a huge amount. Some years it has been, in total, over 6 months!!!

Each and every time he travels away, I become a different person for the period that he is not here. I am very independent and very in control of my life and surroundings. I rarely ask for help from anyone and love the peace and quiet that I can experience by being alone. I miss him terribly, but also relish the feelings of being a single Mom, in charge of how, when, why and where, to just suit ME!

Then he returns from a trip and for the first few hours, we are like strangers learning to dance together. There is a familiarity of the steps, but not much connection. I like to here all about his trip, he just wants to forget all about it. I want to reconnect with him by doing everyday things. The jetlag from international travel is huge and for many years I did not understand it, but having now done a few trips with him, am totally sympathetic.

For the first time yesterday, I went out on the day Ivan returned home and by the time I got back, exhaustion had set in, so I suggested he go to bed around 4.00pm and I would wake him a little later. Around 7.30pm I woke him with toast and coffee and we connected. The dance steps were familiar, the exhaustion had left his face and the magic was back! (Yes, it was back!!!)

My husband was home. I am a blessed woman, I have a man I truly love and who loves me as much, (he would tell you more!), three amazing children, parents who love me (and are still alive and kicking). A home to enjoy and a life worth living.

I have magic in my life! I hope you find some today in your life.


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Michelle said...

Seems like a familiar theme today, Bev. Magic in a relationship - Cool.