Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beverly & Vesta are going on holiday

Hi everyone,

I will be off the airwaves/computer waves for the next 19 days or so, while I enjoy a fantastic holiday with Elizabeth and Ivan. We will be seeing New York (her first time), Washington D.C. (a first for both of us), Belfast - Ireland to see family (Ivan's) - Elizabeth's first time and London again another first for Elizabeth.

Ivan has some serious business to conduct, while Elizabeth and I have some serious sight-seeing to experience.

Hang in there everyone and wait for all the photos.

Hope life is good for everyone and thank you Granny and Grandad for taking care of Sarah and Matthew.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sarah's new hairstyle

Sarah has been asking for a fringe (bangs) for ages and this morning our lovely hairdresser Hayley trimmed her hair and gave her a new look. She looks beautiful and is very happy.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A Town like Alice

I was captivated by this beautiful place, the original Alice Spring; the Telegraph Station was built around this lovely Spring. The photos of the little town of Alice Springs were taken from the top of Anzac Hill and Todd Mall in the centre of town. It was very quiet on Sunday afternoon with most stores closed, but very pretty.

My Grown-up Girl

This morning I woke up at 6am to find Elizabeth sitting eating her breakfast all dressed and ready to leave for her exam. She has to be at university by 7.30am and with the morning traffic wanted to leave early enough so she did not have to rush. I am so proud of her, she is always so responsible and mature and when I see her at moments like this, I see a young woman now - not a little girl.

Not only is she doing really well at university, but she is also holding down a very successful part-time job at our local newsagency. She is so well-liked by the local people that they all chat to her whenever she is out of work. I am a very proud Mother and wish my beautiful Grown-up Girl a successful exam. She has worked hard and deserves it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Uni is finished!

(At least I hope so, waiting now anxiously for my results!)

I have submitted all essays, short stories and take-home exams. I have signed up for my courses for next semester, but until July 27th, I can relax and enjoy a break. It has been an amazing experience and I have loved every moment, even the stressful ones when I couldn't get my essay to work. (Thank you Elizabeth for your insightful comments and help.)

Elizabeth still has three exams to go, one of Friday, then two on Tuesday. She is working as hard as she can and I don't envy her the trauma.

Check out my short story on Vesta Poetry. This is the one I submitted for assessment. I hope you enjoy it.

More about Alice Springs

Michelle and I had a wonderful morning at the Alice Springs Desert Park - apparently one of the World's best desert parks. I must agree. We saw an amazing 'Birds of Prey' show and I captured a few spectacular bird, including this Black Kite and Boo Boo Owl.
We walked through so many areas with wild flowers and native plants and trees that have so many medicinal uses by the local aboriginal people.

The flowers are Sturt Desert Peas and were in full flower outside our hotel, what spectacular flowers.
I have included this photo of our tour bus for our full day tour of the West Macdonnel Ranges, the company is a small, locally owned outfit and the very best I have ever experienced. Our guide Sam was not only 'real eye-candy' but so informative, fun and enthusiastic. What a wonderful day we had.
More photos to follow in the next couple of days.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

More Alice photos

Ellery Creek Big Hole - a favourite swimming spot for people of Alice Springs during hot summer days of 45 degrees.

A few more photos of Ormiston Gorge!

Ormiston Gorge, a beautiful place in the desert. I am sitting on the edge of the cliff, which is about the height of the cliff opposite. The red rocks and blue skies were wonderful. The silence, clean air and beauty, completely grounding and it renewed my soul.

Stanley Chasm, an impossible place to take photos, especially in the morning (it was around 10am). At midday the sun shines down into chasm, lighting up the rocks, but as we were on the tour we could not stop and wait.

This amazing tree was taken at Simpson's Gap, although the river bed looks totally dry, there is plenty of water below the surface. In fact this tree probably drinks about 2000 litres per summer.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Alice Springs Holiday

The middle of Australia and what an amazing place!
Flying from Sydney to Alice Springs (a three hour flight) was a wonderful experience.
The beauty of the world from up high in a plane is fantastic - not enough adjectives to describe it.
Stanley Chasm
My weekend away with my friend Michelle was an awesome experience and I managed to take over 300 photos in just 4 short days. We did a full day tour to the West MacDonnel Ranges and the experience of blue skies and red rocks was wonderful.
Lots more photos and stories to follow (after I finish my 3 essays for my take-home exam), so look out!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


On January 1st this year I committed to a project - My Blissings album. It was going to be easy, I would take a photo everyday to represent all the blissings/blessings in my life. I always take lots of photos.
January has a photo for every day and February as well, then I started Uni; the kids were back at school and I have allowed my commitment to this project to fade. I am disappointed in myself. It is difficult to take the time each day, but I know that I could have done it with just a little more attention and focus.

I am going to commit again on June 2nd, to finish off this project. I have lots of photos for the last couple of months and am going to write a bit about the things I achieved to fill in the spaces.
I am going to commit to something I really wanted to do and not let it slide.

Tomorrow and Thursday are my very last lectures for this semester. I have finished my 2000 word essay, my final exam for one subject and just have one more exam for another. Then my short story to hand in on June 15th.

Uni has also been a commitment and this is one that I have achieved. I am proud of myself for this commitment. I have loved the interaction with other people, loved the learning and the work and have grown as a person. I am a little tired now and looking forward to a break, but also to deciding what courses I will do next semester.

Today is about commitment, so wish me luck!