Monday, November 18, 2013

Disneyland Here We Come!

We are all packed and ready to leave.  Have completed all the chores, tidied the house, prepared the outside and now just need to have a relaxing day tomorrow, before our flight out on Wednesday.

It has been a hectic and traumatic few weeks.  But . . .  the Gods (my God) has been looking after us.  We managed to change our Frequent Flyer tickets from January to November, our hotel room as well and everything has just fallen into place.  With the help of the kids, we have all worked really hard and are looking forward to our trip.

We have never been in Disneyland during the Christmas season.  All our previous visits have been in January, after all the Christmas decorations have been removed, so it is going to be a very special treat.

Roll on the next 11 days.  And then I can tackle anything that is placed before me.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


November has been a really busy month.

First of all medically my cancer diagnosis and surgery really knocked me both physically and emotionally.  Trying to rationalise a return of my cancer so quickly has not been possible, and I have discovered the only solution to be 'not to think about it.'  Yup, I am an ostrich!

I did have some good news in that my gastroenterologist discovered and helped manage/cure my diarrhoea with a cholesterol lowering powder - so not only will I not be so 'shitty' but my heart will be happy.
My supply of gastro-stop and Questran
Then at the beginning of the month Elizabeth and I had the fun of attending Elizabeth's friend Cassie's wedding.  It was just a week or so after my surgery, but I was well enough and had a great time.

Beverly, Cassie, Tom & Elizabeth

The month has also been really busy with me organising our trip to Disneyland. It has been a miracle as we have been able to transfer frequent flyer point tickets from January to November, get the hotel that we wanted and organise passports and visas. So leaving on November 20th and returning on November 30th - 10 days of wonderful memories.

Then disaster struck.

Sunday 10th - Sarah's little bird Hazel (a green-cheeked Conya) flew away.  Sarah was so devastated and for two days she was in total mourning. And then ... yesterday Tuesday a neighbour stopped by Mom who was putting flyers in all the post boxes and asked if we had lost a bird.  They had found Hazel, and fallen in love with her. They had been taking care of her, waiting to see if anyone had lost her. 

It is you?  You are safe home.

The smile and cuddle says it all.

A very pretty girl.
 And to end this post it is birthday month in our house.

Mom (Dorothy) turns 70 on November 17th, but as we have given her a couple of nights in the city we celebrated early.  Dad has bought Mom concert tickets for the night of the 16th and we thought we would shout them 2 nights in a nice hotel. So we had some cake and gave her, her gifts while we were all together.  A very Happy Birthday Mom.

Making a wish and ready to blow

Don't lose your teeth Mom!

Yummy Pavlova and lots of gifts.

So with Ivan's birthday still to celebrate on the 16th and our trip to Disneyland - November is a much better month than October. So I think we will keep November in our calendar.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Disneyland Here We Come!

Disneyland - January 2012

It is official we are heading back to Disneyland - we have managed to change our January tickets to November 20th - November 28th.   A week of magic, healing and fun.

I just can't wait.

Then on December 2nd, I will be in hospital for the insertion of my portocath (again) and on Wednesday December 4th the chemotherapy begins.  Every 2 weeks for the next 6 months.

But..........  I will have so many happy memories to keep my spirits up.