Sunday, September 30, 2012

Canteen - Bandanna Day

Every year I support the annual fund-raising drive for teenage cancer research by buying a bandanna.
So it was funny to walk into Woolworths just after receiving the news that my tumour was cancerous and find that they were selling bandannas.

Bandanna Fun

Ivan moved our beautiful flowering pot plant to where we could see it - isn't this beautiful.
I had to buy one, well I bought two.  I wanted to share and show my support for all those who are much worse off than I am and help with the fund raising. 

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fun photos in September

This beautiful young puppy joined our family this month.
Our Sarah is totally obsessed with animals and on spotting this beautiful little Japanese Chin x Yorkie x Chihahau puppy - we succumbed to her obsession.
 Max joined our family a couple of weeks ago and has turned out to be the most amazing addition.  The girls (Abby & Bella - dogs) and Cleo-cat are totally in love with Max. 

Of course the rest of the humans are just as besotted.  He is so much fun, and so small just 1kg at the moment.  He has the most delightful nature and brings a smile to our faces all the time - most needed at the moment.

This photo of me, sitting with my puppies - Bella and Max - the day I came out of hospital after shoulder surgery and finding out about the tumour in the colon - says it all.

 And in trying to get a couple of great photos at Max's level - I managed to get this one which I am titling - CANON FODDER.  Max tugged and pulled on my camera strap, as I giggled and snapped away.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Okay, so maybe more in sickness than in health

So .............  the news is back from the gastro-enterologist - and it isn't great.

They found a golf-ball size cancerous tumor in the transverse colon.  Totally unexpected and even the surgeon was shocked.  It is an ugly little sucker - yes, he had a photo from the camera that went visiting my insides.

So the wonderful news is that they found this. Totally unexpected yes, but not too late.  The CT scan results are not in yet, to determine if there has been any spread, but hopefully by tomorrow we will have more answers.

Now what .............

Well tomorrow I get to go home. Am so pleased with that - need some time with my family in my space.  I am allowed out for a week or so and then return to hospital on Sunday 7th October for another disgusting prep - yes that horrible colonoscopy liquid.  They will also prepare me for surgery etc.

Monday 8th will be surgery day and then I will in hospital for 5-10 days depending on healing.  Histology and spread, will determine if I require chemotherapy and that we will know after the surgery.

How do I feel?

Well surprisingly I am okay!  I am not sure if I am just in shock?  But, I don't think so - I am an extremely positive person and this is a lesson that I obviously have to have. 

I am grateful for my amazing family, for my doctors, for my friends and for the rest of my health.   Will keep you all updated through the blog or my FB page, so keep an eye out.

In sickness and in health

The last couple of years have seen a fair bit of the first and little of the second in our household.  Medical bills are by far the largest expense and frustrations have arisen as we have attempted to deal with numerous setbacks.

Now we / I am facing another hurdle.

At the beginning of August I was hospitalised with a gastric bug, that was ultimately diagnosed as colitis, all tests showed no causes and after a week I was discharged.  Just a few days later, I was back in for rehydration and 36 hours with no food, to attempt to allow the colon to heal. 

The past 4 weeks has seen varying stages of recovery, but not enough to call myself cured.

Anyway, next step in my medical journey was shoulder surgery.  Injuring my shoulder five years ago exercising - told you it was bad for people to exercise. :) 

Wednesday morning, arthroscopic shoulder surgery - operation successful - night in hospital - home Thursday.

Friday - visit to Physician regarding colitis - not happy as I was very dehydrated - booked me back into hospital at 1pm for rehydration on a drip for 24 hours.  Kept in hospital over the weekend and colonscopy done on Tuesday 25th, yesterday.  Expected a minor issue report back, but it has turned out to be a little more complicated.

The gastroenterologist has found a mass (lesion) on my transverse colon. Today I have had a CT scan, more blood tests and they sent away biopsies yesterday for histology reports - now am awaiting results and expected surgery next week.

So what do they say - in sickness and in health.  2012 has been an interesting health year for our family in general and me in particular. 

One good thing about being in hospital is good food, great nursing, lots of love from family and friends and time to sit, think and write. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Local river walk

It has been a beautiful few days - we had the JOY of catching up with a friend.  Lara and Elizabeth were friends 18 years ago as little girls.  Over the years, Colette and I have exchanged Christmas letters and kept up with the news.  Lara has been in Australia for 8 weeks and it was such fun to have her spend the day/night with us.  
The two girls didn't stop talking for the entire time and enjoyed a walk down to the our river.
Beautiful Lara


and the huge Carpet Python that they nearly stepped on.
 Lara saved Elizabeth from stepping on this enormous snake which was lying in the sun, devouring a meal. 
The girls.

 The river has become one of our favourite places to walk to and Elizabeth took this photo of me the other day dwarfed by the grass-reeds, her words were "Mum you look like a little hobbit, living in a very big world" - luckily i took it as a compliment.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

News and Views

First of all News:

It is chaotic in our household

Sarah (14) has the flu.  Matthew (18) is in exam block for Grade 12. Elizabeth is doing well. Ivan is busy at work.  Mum (Dorothy) had her first cataract surgery on Monday - recovering well. Dad (Brian) is quite unwell after having teeth removed, getting an infection and suffering from severe headaches for over a week.

So sincere apologies for not keeping up with Vesta. 

And of course Me - well I am a published author.  My book is still at the printers, but am very excited about its progress.  I went down to Sydney for Hay House "I Can Do It" conference and Writer's Workshop at the end of August and had an amazing weekend.

Eating Yummy breakfast in Sydney

Celebrating being a published author at Writer's Workshop


A great Father's Day photo of Dad and I - I love you Dad

Elizabeth and Matthew

And Me - feeling fantastic
So that is a bit of an update for the moment.  Follow me on Facebook or check out for more news on my book.