Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to you all from the Vampires and Witches, Ghosts and 'Heads' of our family.

Our party was a huge success! Sarah had 5 friends over, Elizabeth just one and poor Matthew, his friend cancelled at the last minute due to illness. I was dressed as Morticia, Grandad as a 'Head on a plate', Granny as a ghost, Elizabeth a very elegant lady witch, Sarah a beautiful Vampire and Matthew - Count Dracula of course!
Everyone arrived around 6.00pm and we played lots of games, including Halloween Bingo; pass the pumpkin; Halloween Charades; The mad scientist's laboratory and the huge success of the evening a 'Treasure hunt' in the dark.
The children all set out bravely into the garden with torches, they were in groups of three and had to find Halloween words which I had hidden all around the garden. For 10 minutes, they avoided the Cane Toads and the 'real' spiders.
We ate lots of junk food and candy, as well as Pizza, sausage rolls and party pies!
At 9.00pm we finished the last stories and the parents all arrived to pick up the children. Elizabeth's friend Sam is staying over as her and Elizabeth have work together in the morning, so they all helped tidy up. Everyone made it to bed around an hour ago!
More photos and stories to follow, but now as the witching hour approaches, I am heading to bed. Until next year, I wish you all a Happy Halloween!
Morticia (aka Beverly)


Boo to you all!

31st October today and we are having our very first Australian Halloween party. It seems rather strange to be celebrating in warm sunshine, rather than having the beautiful fall leaves around the garden and the frost and snow on the ground.

Since our return from the USA nearly 4 years ago, the children have been asking to celebrate Halloween, but it is not a big holiday in Australia, so I have been reluctant. This year however, Halloween has fallen on a Friday, so it seems the perfect evening to have a few of their friends around for some fun.

We have been decorating the house for a couple of days now and today I will prepare all the final items of ghoulish delight. We are having a 'mad' scientist laboratory with 'eyeballs, guts, brain and other yucky stuff to touch. Doing a torch treasure hunt in the dark - that should be fun with our garden full of cane toads and 'real' spiders. A mummy wrap - no I am not going to be the mummy! And a Halloween Bingo!

Look out for lots of photos in the next couple of days.

If you have a few minutes take the time to Google 'Halloween' & 'Trick or Treat!' it is really interesting how the whole tradition started.

I hope you celebrate 31st October in style and enjoy your Halloween.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Goal - Score one!

I had a great day yesterday! Amazingly I achieved at least as many of the 'chore' goals as the day before but my focus was on the 'happy/satisfying goals'.

My first achievement was the 10 pages of scrapbooking that I had planned to do the day before. On Tuesday they felt like a chore, but yesterday I had such fun and satisfaction completing them. I had 'Ol Blue Eyes - Frank Sinatra' playing and sang along while I scrapbooked.

My second goal from the day before was to take 10 mins in the garden and I did it. Elizabeth and I took a long, cold drink of lime juice out with us and we just wandered around enjoying the sunshine and the flowers. Pulled out a few weeds along the way, but concentrated on enjoying the pleasure of the garden.

Now I also achieved work goals. I washed Elizabeth, Matthew and my bedlinen, unpacked dishwasher, tidied up, sorted out some bills, fetched the children from school and last night started decorating the house with the children for our Halloween party tomorrow night.

The difference however, was not in the work, but the attitude. I had decided to focus on the rewarding things in life, because the work things would get done in anycase.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Achieving goals

In line with yesterdays post I realised by day end that I had achieved 4 of my 6 goals. The 2 that I did not get anywhere near where what I call my 'reward goals'. These were things on my list that were just for some self-satisfaction for me. I did not even take 10 minutes to renew my self by walking around and enjoying the garden and I did not get to my scrapbooking.

I did walk into my craft room and open up the album and get out the photos, but I was tired and irritable after dealing with the stresses of my day, so walked away from it again. The day ended up being an 'ugly' one.

Sarah had a great saying for it. It was a Sugar, Honey, Ice, Tea day. This is just such a perfect way to describe some of our days, and I love the beautiful uplifting words to describe one that goes south, despite our best plans and intentions.

So for today my plan is to set only one goal and that is to have a wonderful day. I will achieve the chores that I must, but will also attempt to find some time to inspire the world, time to make it a day worth living.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


My friend Michelle has been talking about Goals today on her Blog - Joy Express (check it out) and has inspired me to set a few goals for myself today.

1. Put on the washing and get it out on the line early.
2. Finish the ironing that is threatening to overwhelm my craft room.
3. Complete at least 10 pages of scrapbooking.
4. Make home-made burger patties for supper and to freeze.
5. Write on my Blog - can tick this one off my list.
6. Spend 10 minutes in my garden enjoying the beauty of it.

So often we wake up and plan for so many things to happen in the day and then become distracted with everyday chores and demands and don't achieve the few special things we want to do. Yes, I have a few chores on my list, but I have also added in a couple of rewarding things just for me. If I achieve the 6 items on today's list, then I will have achieved today's goal.

I know that I will achieve many more items, but the secret will be to achieve the 'rewarding' ones as well as the requirements.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Talented children

As a mother I am so proud of my three beautiful children and like all parents I think they are the most talented and gifted in the world. I am proud of their achievements and talents, but am most proud of their wonderful kind and generous natures. I am proud of their courage and determination as they conquer their fears and face the world.

Today I had another amazing experience as Sarah took to the school stage to present her speech for the position of Junior School Captain. She stood up in front of around 200 students, took a deep breath and delivered an amazing oration. She spoke flawlessly and only referred to her notes once. Her talk was funny and clever and I saw the young, confident woman that is emerging from the cocoon of childhood. Without bias, her speech was the best by far - I told you I thought they were the best!

I have included her speech here and also the delightful speech that Matthew delivered a few weeks back in his bid to win the nomination for Middle School Captain. I am proud of them both, they have taken up the challenge of leadership positions in their school. Even if neither of them gain the necessary number of votes to win, they are both winners in my eyes.

Words from a very proud Mother.

Sarah's Speech.

Good morning Boys and Girls, Teachers and Principals.

My name is Sarah Adair and I would like to talk to you about Junior School Co-Captains.

Do you know what your Junior School Captain does? I sure didn’t, it just sounded like a cool position! I have realised that it is a cool position, but has so many more responsibilities than I thought.

Well let’s think for a moment what would happen if there were no Captains to help the teachers rule our school. This is exactly what would happen…..We would have disaster, chaos and mayhem, those poor teachers would be overwhelmed!

So, the captains, get to help the teachers and the principal with organising activities for the junior school. We represent the junior school at assemblies and events. We are also your voice to teachers, if you have any ideas or have a problem.

I want to be the junior school captain that you will talk to and approach. Not only for the students in my own class or grade, but everyone across the school, from Grade One all the way up to Grade six.

There are a few things you need to know about me. First of all I am not built for sport, but really love trying and giving my best. The good news for you is that I am the person that prevents you from coming last. I don’t mind that as I have other things I love. I started learning the flute this year and will be joining the band next year. I also love writing and illustrating stories and love jokes.

The other thing that I am really good at is being responsible and respectful to my teachers and my peers. So you will be able to rely on me to be a good school captain.

So after all the speeches from the other worthy candidates and myself, I hope you will consider me as your Junior School Captain for 2009.

My name is Sarah Adair and I would love a number one in my box!

Matthew's speech.

Welcome Ms. Gagliardi, Mr Cartmel and Teachers. Also welcome to all students in year 6, 7 and 8. Also to any year 9’s present, enjoy the speech. Students I would like to welcome you all by name, but I realise it would take a really long time, and sadly I don’t know all of you yet, but as your Middle School co-captain for 2009; I will make it my goal to get to know as many of you as possible by my farewell speech at the end of next year.

Now although I don’t know you yet, you need to know me. My name is Matthew Adair, the reason you need to know my name is that this is the name you need to vote for.

What do you need to know about me? I love jokes and I love fun, ask my friends. I am also good at Sport – most of the time! I belong to the Chess club and am really good – most of the time! I also belong to the Computer Club and I am really good at games – most of the time.

The thing that I am good at all of the time is ‘talking to those teachers!’ My goal as your College Co-captain is to help you learn to talk to your teachers, so you will have less problems with them – most of the time.

Another goal for 2009 is that we have more FUN in our Fund raisers. School is hard work and often boring, no offense teachers! But we do have the chance to do lots of good with our fund raisers, these Fund raisers need to become FUN raisers.

Year 6’s, I was one of you, just 2 short years ago sitting where you are wondering when this will end. I had no idea who the candidates were and just voted for the person that sounded the best on the day. I hope you will vote for me based not only on my ‘fantastic speech’ but also on my promise to really make an effort to get to know you and help you become a full part of Middle school.

Year 7’s, I know at least one or two of you, which is a start. Next year, you will leave the year 7 block and start moving around the Middle and Senior school. This experience is a bit daunting and finding LL1 for example can be quite a challenge at first. As your co-captain, I will be here for you, on year 8 day to help as much as possible and through the rest of the year as you find your way around.

And finally to my fellow year 8’s. Some of you have known me since I arrived at the school in year 5. Others I have only got to know recently. I hope you will vote and support me, knowing I will do my best for the Middle school. I will work hard to help with the organisation and make you proud that you voted for me.

I hope what I have said will inspire you to vote for me.
Thank you all for listening to my speech, well most of you!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My ramblings about cyber space and technology

I wonder where my information and thoughts live? When I send out an email or post a Blog, I often sit and contemplate what happens to it? How does it get from my screen and keyboard onto yours? I know that there is some really technical and detailed explanation, but even that does not explain to me, how I manage to send out this little post and people from around the world can access it. All at different times and in different places!

Technology is amazing today. I remember in 1983 (yes, I know that is a long, long time ago) when I started at the bank I was so excited to be allowed to operate the fax machine. We could call up the bank branch down the road and they could send us up a copy (very blurred) of a customers statement. It would appear like magic from the machine on a long roll of paper. I knew that it utilized the phone line, but how could written words travel along a phone line. Voices I can imagine, but words!

Now today, we do not even think about it. I sit at my computer and type emails and blog posts and just send them out into the Ether! Fax machines are almost dinosaurs, videos have been replaced by DVD's and those will soon be replaced by Blue-ray. Most mobile phones have more memory and capability than my first computer and digital cameras (which I vowed I would never use) are absolutely fantastic.

I know that we thought that technology would give us more leisure time, but instead our lives are so much busier. We can work at home and be contacted at home. We can receive 100's of emails from people we don't even know. I do however, love modern technology. I love the fact that I can ask a question and type it into Google and someone, somewhere will more than likely have an answer for me. I love being able to have friends across the world who I stay in touch with via email and as such nurture relationships that would otherwise founder due to lack of contact.

My children have computer play-dates! I don't have to feed and look after other people's children. Matthew will sit for hours chatting and playing games with his friends. When I offer for him to invite a friend over, he says no thank you as they can't then play together on the computer. A phone and a computer are all he needs.

I wonder what you all think about our amazing world of technology, is it wonderful or a disaster in your life.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wonderful Day

Mom and I had a day Christmas shopping and we had so much fun and it was so successful that the Australian economy has just rebounded! Of course our credit cards are looking very woeful, but it was such fun. We dropped Elizabeth off at Uni for her very last day of lectures in her first year - Wow has time flown! She just has 3 exams and then she is finished, can't believe it.

Mom and I then went out and found so many lovely Christmas gifts. We also had such lovely experiences in most shops that we went into. People were friendly and helpful and our whole day was a pleasurable experience. So unlike the busy rush of the usual Christmas shopping season. I am almost finished my shopping, now need to think about the handmade things, the Christmas letter and cards and then plan the menu and the food. I think this year is going to be our most organised in ages. Have even booked the carpet cleaners for mid November, so the tree can go up on the last weekend and the Christmas excitement can really start.

Elizabeth met us for lunch and we then enjoyed another hour or so, just browsing and enjoying our time out together. Fetched the children from school and have come home to think about dinner. Checked all my emails, caught up on Blogs and am really relaxed.

I hope you experience such lovely days this year for your Christmas shopping.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thought of the day!

No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent!
Have you ever felt inferior to someone, looked at them and wondered why they made you feel small or less important, maybe even a little stupid?
I know that I have! For many years I have struggled with feelings of inferiority (in many areas one of which is my height!) For many of you that know me and for those who don't, I am 4'10" tall, which is not that big in the greater scheme of things. My whole life I felt that if I could have reached 5", I would have been fine! What a foolish notion!
Then I met someone who could not see that I was 'short', they could not understand why I felt and thought the way I did, to this person I was no smaller or taller than anyone else. No, this person was not blind, but it was how they 'looked' at me! I began to wonder how someone who is 6" tall, could not see how 'small' I was? I began to see myself in their eyes. I began to lose my 'inferiority complex' about my height. I stopped trying to be taller!
To clear things up, the person who looked at me in a completely new way is my beloved husband Ivan. It is over 20 years ago now that I met this wonderful man, who gave me the gift of freedom, from my own feelings of inferiority, not immediately, but over the years. He gave me such a gift, because it was through him that I realised it was only my own feelings that made my height such an issue. No-one else cared! I was the person who made it matter! Only through giving people permission in my own thoughts, did I allow any comment/look/issue to 'hurt'. I gave people permission to judge me, because I did it for them - myself! I pre-empted their reactions, comments and attitudes. I put my thoughts into their words.
I wonder what you feel inferior about? Do you give people your consent to make you feel inferior? I think you would be surprised to find, that most of the time, our own thoughts are far more critical and damming that the thoughts of others.
Don't give anyone permission to make you feel inferior! We are all gifts from God, made in his/her image and if he/she is perfect, then so are we!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Morning silence

Morning silence and no rushing about. It is 7.38am and usually at this time on a Monday morning, I would be yelling at the children to get into the car. Today however, we have a pupil-free curriculum day so there is no school. There is something almost magical and naughty about sleeping in and relaxing on a Monday morning during the school term.

The garbage truck has been at 6.30am and I was able to snuggle down and continue to doze. Sarah had snuck into our bed around 5.00am with a bad dream, and her warm little body was like an extra hot water bottle. I love the peaceful face of children as they lie sleeping in my bed, of course when you end up with no covers or space then they are less adorable. But, we have a King-size bed, so it is great!

Ivan got himself up to shower and head into work (he could not get the day off). I decided to make him some lunch so got up. Then remembered that he had a lunch meeting. Temptation - do I head back to bed or do I enjoy the morning peace and silence?

This is the time when the chores, although starting to call are not yet persistent! There is no 14 year old boy asking when I will be finished on the computer and no-one needing breakfast or any help just yet. The birds are singing, most of the early traffic has passed the front door and just the click of the computer keys accompanies my thoughts. I love this time of day, when I have the peace of the Morning Silence.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by my friend Jenny from Treasure Trove:
Here are the rules:

- Link the person who tagged you
- Tell 6 quirky things about yourself
- Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same
-Leave a coment to let them know.

No1. My favourite colour is purple. When I was a child, I had a deep purple carpet, lilac flower curtains, a purple bedspread and white and gold furniture.

No 2. My lovely husband has planted a rose garden for me in every house we have ever lived, always with a least one special yellow rose to symbolise our friendship. (I had yellow rose buds for my wedding bouquet.)

No 3. Christmas is my very best day of the year! I am always more excited than any child and love lots of presents under the tree.

No 4. I love jokes and have a very warped sense of humour. Laughter is the best medicine in the world and days that I don't laugh are days that are lost.

No 5. I am a speed reader. I can read at an amazing pace. Yesterday I read over 700 pages and finished a book that I started in the morning. I have always been able to read really fast and even had to convince my parents that I was not skipping when I was a child.

No 6. I love fast cars and driving! I have a dream and wish and that is to drive from the West coast of the USA to the East coast. I am hoping to do this for my 25th wedding anniversary in a few years.

Okay now to tag 6 bloggers: (not sure how to do this)

Michelle at

Ian (my brother) see his link on Vesta

Margaret at Purple buttons (see link)

Treasure Trove (Jenny) see link

and like Jenny I don't know any other Bloggers.

October and Halloween


Since we arrived home after living in the USA for 3 years, Sarah, Matthew and Elizabeth have been asking for a Halloween party! Finally, this year I have relented. We have so many wonderful items that we bought in the USA, so it is time to dig them all out and go mad decorating.

This year Halloween falls on a Friday, so it is going to be a perfect night for a party. We are having about 6 of Sarah's friends, one of Matthew's and two of Elizabeth's around for a few hours from 6-9pm.

We are planning lots of scary games, (a treasure hunt in the dark); icky Halloween food and dress-ups! Everyone is so excited.

Of course it is not 'Fall' in the southern hemisphere but with a little work, we can celebrate this ancient Celtic festival. Yes, the Americans seem to have completely commercialised the whole Halloween festival, but it is an ancient Celtic celebration of Samhain or All Hallows Eve, when the end of the Harvest season was celebrated. It is also the night when the boundaries between the living and the dead are supposed to be at their thinnest. Dressing up in masks and costumes allowed people to mimic the spirits during this time of celebration.

Look out for lots of photos and more stories after our party on Friday October 31st and Happy Halloween to you all.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Good morning Friends and World!

We had 26mm of rain last night in a lovely heavy rainstorm. The water tanks have refilled and the garden is looking fresh and happy. Everything has a clean fresh feel to it.

Today I am having my hair trimmed, have a few groceries to buy and some photos to print. I have also been updating my Christmas present shopping list and realised that I am well on the way. Have a few great ideas for some people and absolutely no idea what to buy others. This is always the time of the year that I start to get frustrated as I search for the perfect gift for each person on my list. I often wish that we could just send Santa the name and he would know what that person wanted and needed!

I have realised over the years that I am not a great gift-giver. I am not sure why? Sometimes I am totally stumped what to give someone, because I feel I don't know them well enough! I know some people who give amazing gifts! When you see a parcel or gift from them you open it with excitement and anticipation, because you know that they have sent you something that is just perfect. I love the gifts that are handmade, they come with all the love and creation and time that the person has given to them. They are just special.

I think that people who give wonderful gifts are those people who really take the time to look and learn about the friends and family in their life. It is not the monetary value of the gift, but instead the value of their love and thoughts.

With Christmas just 10 weeks away today - I wonder how everyone looks at their Christmas shopping? Is it a chore that you have to force yourself to complete? Do you fight the Christmas crowds, muttering and cursing? Or are you like me and try and get it all completed early enough so that it is over before the rush starts?

Time to end today's musings, a bit random, but my thoughts are jumbled today.
Hope you all have a happy day, a day fill of peace and success.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I am posting on Vesta-poetry a beautiful poem that I have in my collection. I did not write it, but wish I did as it truly connects with my feelings regarding my friends.

I have friendships that fulfill many levels of my life. I am friends with my parents (often a rare occurrence it seems) and I am friends with my children. I do not believe in being my child's friend - but rather sharing a friendship with them. I am first and foremost their Mother and then their friend. I see this as a big difference as the friendship we share is based on respect and family, rather than a friendship of peers.

Then there is what I call my 'acquaintance' friendships. These are wonderful people who I connect with due to common interests, shared hobbies or even just because they are parents of my children's friends. These are friends that it is fun to spend a few hours with, share a few laughs and a cup of coffee. They make up the fabric of everyday life.

There are friends who I have met and share a history with, people who I might only see once a year, but can continue a conversation as though it was just 5 minutes ago. I have friends who I write to once a year at Christmas and receive their Christmas letter in return, but they hold a special place in my heart.

Then there are a few people who are my true soul-friends. I know that as they read this blog, they will know who they are. I can share every hope, wish and fear with them and they will truly understand. They will answer my questions even before I ask them. We have a connection of choice, a choice to be friends and we work on our friendship everyday. We stand by each other through good times and bad and know that our friendship is one of the most important things in our life.

I hope you have friends that fall into the above categories, friends that you can count on in times of celebration and times of need. I want to thank all of my friends for the gifts that they give me, the gift of friendship.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Husband's home

For the 'almost' 20 years of my marriage to Ivan, we have shared a wonderful magic together. I met my soul mate and the person 'who gets me most!" For a lot of the time we have had together, especially since living in Australia, his job has meant that he travels a huge amount. Some years it has been, in total, over 6 months!!!

Each and every time he travels away, I become a different person for the period that he is not here. I am very independent and very in control of my life and surroundings. I rarely ask for help from anyone and love the peace and quiet that I can experience by being alone. I miss him terribly, but also relish the feelings of being a single Mom, in charge of how, when, why and where, to just suit ME!

Then he returns from a trip and for the first few hours, we are like strangers learning to dance together. There is a familiarity of the steps, but not much connection. I like to here all about his trip, he just wants to forget all about it. I want to reconnect with him by doing everyday things. The jetlag from international travel is huge and for many years I did not understand it, but having now done a few trips with him, am totally sympathetic.

For the first time yesterday, I went out on the day Ivan returned home and by the time I got back, exhaustion had set in, so I suggested he go to bed around 4.00pm and I would wake him a little later. Around 7.30pm I woke him with toast and coffee and we connected. The dance steps were familiar, the exhaustion had left his face and the magic was back! (Yes, it was back!!!)

My husband was home. I am a blessed woman, I have a man I truly love and who loves me as much, (he would tell you more!), three amazing children, parents who love me (and are still alive and kicking). A home to enjoy and a life worth living.

I have magic in my life! I hope you find some today in your life.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Scrapbook workshops

Today was our monthly scrapbook workshop. Mom and Judith joined me for the day. There were 6 consultants and 6 customers so it was a rather small gathering, but at least everyone had a chance to work on their albums. Mom and I completed 18 pages each! My biggest success was completing our trip to the Barrier Reef. Not our whole Port Douglas trip yet, still have our day at the Daintree to do and my sunrise beach photos, so another couple of days work. Mom is working on photos from her childhood that she has taken from slides that she scanned. It is a wonderful trip down memory lane for her.

My friend Judith is fantastically creative and is doing her husbands 'Variety Bash' photos. She creates the most beautiful pages, including cutting out letters from the PJ material that she made his pyjamas from. Little pockets to keep souvenirs and amazing pages that leave you sighing and wishing for her talent. The downside however, from my own point of view, is that she only completed 4 pages - too slow for me. Still we have great fun with her and she is happy to join Mom and I for a glass of wine at lunchtime! The afternoons are a lot noisier as a result.

We are known as the noisy/busy table, but we love our scrapbooking and I think it shows!

Hope you all have a great week.


Time for nothing!

Saturday's in our house are usually our busy days. The children have chores that they need to do. Matthew has the pool filter to empty of leaves and the pool to check, Sarah has the bathroom to do and Ivan works in the garden. It is also a work day for Elizabeth from 8.30 - 4.30pm. And Me! Well I do the usual housework or help in the garden.

Yesterday I set aside one hour on the timer for the children to help around the house. We were so productive that in the hour all chores were completed and in fact Sarah came in and said there's still 3 mins on the clock, can I stop! The answer of course was Yes! The house looked lovely, all the ironing was done. My scrapbook bags for today were packed and because of the rain, I could not garden.

I had NOTHING that I had to do!!! Of course I could have found 100 chores to fill the rest of the day, but I chose to do something just for me. I sat and read, just sat in my chair and read my book for as long as I felt like it.

My mind kept thinking - Wow! Is this what it feels like to have 'time for me, time for nothing!' As all busy people, I often feel guilty about taking time for myself, but I did not even have to plan/prepare or cook dinner, as we had been invited to Mom's for a roast. I totally relaxed.

In the afternoon, I played with photos on the computer for a while, sorted out my next scrapbooking project and then guess what - I read some more.

What a beautiful gift the day was, it was peaceful and relaxing and recharged my batteries so completely. Today I am also totally spoilt in that I have a scrapbook workshop so another day doing things I love.

I recommend everyone taking some 'Time for nothing!' Then you will have the energy for everything!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Sixth Secret.

You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it!

To talk about this secret I am going to refer to the chapter using lots of Dr Dyer's words and references. I hope that you will all find your own connection in this.

Dr Dyer suggests that the opening lines of Genesis and the Torah state: "God created Heaven and Earth" and later, "And all that God created was good." Now if this is interpreted literally, then it is clear that there is no 'bad.' This is so true, when we are in the world of God or Spirit, but when your connection to the Spirit (God, Source) is weak and you become separated, then your mind creates illusions and your ego takes over and 'bad' occurs. This can occur in many ways - social problems, disease, disharmony and despair.

So how do we fix the problems! According to Dr Dyer, we just change our mind and that will solve the problems! Okay! That sounds easy doesn't it? NO!

You have to rewrite your agreement with reality. St Francis of Assisi wrote in his famous prayer: Where there is hatred, let me sow love" Light always dissolves darkness, Love always nullifies hate. Spirit always cancels problems. Problems exist as beliefs of your ego mind which is unable to conceptualize an awareness of a spiritual mind, just as dark has no concept of light.

Louise L. Hay an amazing writer started my thoughts about this process when I read her books "The Power is within" and "You can heal yourself". She talked about waking up in the morning with positive thoughts. Instead of waking up and thinking "Oh no! I have to get up, I am tired!" Try waking up and thanking your bed for a wonderful nights sleep, lie and focus for a few minutes of beautiful, positive thoughts and see how your day improves. I thought about the difference of waking up on an ordinary morning and on a morning when it is your birthday, or a morning that you are going to do something special for you, like go on holiday. There is no difference to the fact of waking up, you probably have had the same number of hours rest, it is still a day to be faced. Yet, by simply shifting the thoughts you have about the day, you experience a 'good' day.

One of the wonderful things in changing my thought patterns is to read something positive and for months now I have had the 'Joy' of waking up each morning, switching on my computer and reading my friend Michelle's site "JoyExpress". Michelle, decided to write only about JOY and she succeeds! She lights up the world with her positive thoughts, ideas and actions. Days when she is away or is to busy to have posted, I find the world slightly duller. The 'joy' she adds does not change my reality, but it changes my thoughts! (See the link from Vesta if you are interested)

I know this has turned into an epistle of magnificent proportions, but I really want to add just three more ideas.

Dr Dyer talks about the three levels of Consciousness; Ego Consciousness, Group Consciousness and Mystical Consciousness.

Ego is when your primary emphasis is on your own personality and body. You are individual and separate from what you would like to attract and separate from the Spirit. Winning or being first is important, if you have more than others you feel better and if you have less you feel worse. Your life revolves around competing and winning. This is an exhausting state as there is no rest, failure is just around the corner and life is dissatisfying.

Group is similar to ego in that you have to include others and it is very easy to fall victim to the "Us and Them" thought pattern. The group thoughts and attitudes are so important, you have to love who the group loves and hate who the group hates.

The highest level is mystical consciousness. This is the 'problem-free' consciousness and is distinguished by a feeling of connectedness rather than separateness. Feeling connected to everyone means that you cannot harm another without harming yourself. Cooperation will replace competition, hatred changes to love and sadness is changed to joy. By changing your mind and your thoughts about 'problems', by being connected to your Spirit, you will dissolve rather than resolve your problems. They will truly be an illusion of your mind and you can allow them to dissipate.

For all of you who have managed to wade your way through to the end of these ramblings, congratulations. I have found this Secret the hardest to express in words. I think partly because it really needs to be thought and talked about from my inner spirit and not ego, which is what is used to share 'my' opinions with the world. I hope you all find your 'Spirit' and connectedness and learn to solve your 'problems' with a new mind!


Friday, October 10, 2008

Tiredness and family news.

Good morning everyone,

No post for yesterday, I crashed with a huge bang! I woke up really tired and early again, but could not get going. Unlike other mornings for some reason, I was in shut down mode all day. I had planned to try and fit in a 20 minute doze somewhere, but did not get there, so spent the day trying to stay awake.

At the moment I am sitting in the semi-gloom, listening to the rain on our metal roof. I woke at 4.30am to hear the rain. Such a welcome sound, as the garden was beginning to look really parched with no rain for the last three weeks. The great news is that our water tanks will now refill and we can keep using them for watering the flower beds. The lawn will hopefully pick up again and the sad burnt patches recover.

Family news is that Matthew had his interview with the Principal for the position of Middle School Co-Captain. He will find out on Presentation night (late November) whether he has been elected or not?
Sarah has also decided to try out for the same position in the Junior school and filled in her nomination form last night. She will have to make a speech on October 27th and again have to wait for the end of the year. It is so amazing as a parent to see your children develop and grow. I am so proud of both Matthew and Sarah for trying out for these leadership positions, the thoughts and reasons that they have both given for wanting to be school leaders are admirable. As is their courage in even trying out. Can you imagine yourself at age 10 and 14 standing up in front of 300 of your peers and delivering a speech? I know I would have found it very difficult.

Elizabeth is doing really well considering the stress she is under at the moment. She only has two weeks left of University and a huge 2500 word essay to write, a test next week and then 3 exams in early November. She has written a time management plan for herself and I think this is making life a lot easier for her. So we are supporting and helping her as much as possible.

As for myself, I am heading to a CM consultant get together tonight to plan for our Sunday crop. We are getting together for Chinese takeaway and a chat, luckily this is just a couple of streets away, so won't be a late night. Sunday we have our monthly workshop from 10-5 and although this is the day that Ivan gets back from his overseas trip, I am still going! I have customers that I can't let down. I will probably sneak out a little early from the day to get home to see him.

And so as they say in the movies "That's all folks!" Well for today in anycase. Have a great day wherever you are and whatever you are doing.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Early Mornings

I have discovered the joy of early mornings!

With the onset of the warmer weather, we sleep with our bedroom window wide open, which lets in cool breezes, but also the sounds of the traffic. I huff and puff in frustration every morning at 4.45am as those first cars drive past and wake we. Three thoughts then occur, first of all Abby (our dog) needs letting out of the laundry and I know that within the next 30-45 minutes I am going to have to get up to let her out. Secondly, Ivan is away, so I can't leave it to him and thirdly we live in a 'stupid' state that does not have 'daylight saving.' It is light at 5.00am and over the next few months will get lighter even earlier. So I drag myself out of bed, switch on the computer on the way past the study and let the dog out. She is always so excited to see me and to get her breakfast. She acts as though she has never been fed in her entire life and quivers while I put fresh water in her bowl and make her sit and shake her paw - what a life!

On the way back through the kitchen I pick up a glass of orange juice and head to the study. By now the computer has beeped and clicked its way awake and is ready for me to check emails and write to you all. I open the study window wide, the smell of my rose garden wafts gently through and the morning sun begins to turn everything golden. Bird song and of course the occasional 'car' sounds (like the ones that woke me) are the only noises. The click of my finger nails on the keyboard and my thoughts keep me company as I update my Blog.

I have discovered a time of peace and silence, a time for me! My children slumber peacefully in their rooms. In the next half hour (now 5.44am) I will have to wake each of them with varying degrees of success and frustration, and then start the dreaded school lunches and breakfast, but for now I have the morning peace to myself.

I like early mornings!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Fifth Secret

Give up your Personal History.
This is one of those areas which is easier to talk about than to achieve. The example used by Wayne Dyer is of a speedboat across a lake, the wake left behind is our history. Now can that wake actually drive the boat - no! It is just evidence of what has occurred, it is not responsible for what you are experiencing or living today, it is just the past.

Don't be a victim of your personal history. Don't base your life on yesterday. If your history was good or bad, it does not decide what you will do with today and tomorrow, only you can do that. This applies not only to a negative history, but also to people who continually refer to 'the good old days'. Today is not yesterday and it is not tomorrow, it is only today.

Why not rather embrace your personal history? So often in life great steps forward are preceeded by great steps back or tragedy. I am beginning to believe that to be in the present today, I have had to experience the past, it had to happen. And even if it didn't have to happen it did! If I spend today bemoaning the facts of the past, then today cannot be lived for the true gift that it is - the present.

It is wonderfully 'freeing' to view your past in a new way. My personal experience has been to stand and imagine that I am facing a black, dark nothing! (This sounds kind of scary at first) Behind me is all the light and memories of my past, they are over my shoulder. I can look back and see them, I can examine them (deal with the issues). Then I can take a step forward and create today! I can bring with me whatever I chose. Nothing at all; lots of the issues that diminish me (labels and hurts that I cannot change); or only the good things. It is completely my choice!

The future is undetermined, it is what we make it. (A great quote from the Terminator movie). So it is with our lives. We can chose to be at one with the Source (God), we can chose to be happy and at peace. Or we can allow the wake of the speedboat to 'drive' our lives.

Our personal history is a wonderful learning tool and experience, but that is all it is. We can chose to learn from the good things and the bad experiences, but they do not dictate how we will step forward today to create a new light.

Ivan has always told me "You are too long dead!" What a wonderful saying! Embrace today. Tonight when you go to bed, look back at your personal history of this day and know that you created it, by your own choices. Then let it go and live tomorrow, which will be your new today.


Monday, October 6, 2008

A Big Adventure into Creative Writing.

I DID IT - HELP!!!!!!!
I am not sure quite what I was thinking, but I have applied through QTAC for a university place next year to study Creative writing. Wow! I am taking a really big breath at the moment, at the enormity of what I have decided to do.

The funny thing is that Ivan is away and I haven't even had a chance to tell him about it yet, or even discuss it with him. I just decided all by myself.

For a long time now I have been wondering what I am going to do with the next 40-50 years of my life and I realised that I love writing. Yes, you can all see that by the number of emails and Blogs that I put out everyday. This is the one thing that "is my music inside!"

I have over the past couple of weeks been investigating the courses online at UQ (University of Queensland) and there are some wonderful English and writing courses, so today, while at Uni with Elizabeth, I made some enquiries, received some information and came home and applied.

I will not know until January whether I have been offered a place asI have had to provide all sorts of documentation. I tell you, trying to dig out school results and Uni results and Tafe results and employment records. What a job! Still it looks fairly impressive so far, so everyone wish me luck.

If I get accepted, I will start off part-time I think, with just one or maybe two courses (1/2 a normal course load) and see how I cope. The best part of all of this is that for the first time in my life I am not afraid of failing. For so long I have been afraid to try anything new - in case I failed! I have however, realised that I cannot fail. I can only succeed to the best of my ability and if I decide it is not for me, then that is also okay, as I am sampling life to decide what I want to do.

I am going to let my 'music sing'. I am going to enjoy studying and expanding my knowledge and skills. I am going to be accepted into Uni for 2009. So what are you doing to follow your star?


Monday morning thoughts

I wonder what it is about Mondays? Even though today the children don't have to go to school, (they head back tomorrow) I woke up this morning and my first thought was 'Oh no its Monday!' The traffic started a little earlier outside the bedroom window. Abby (our dog) had a lot more to say to the neighbourhood as more people were up walking early, and my thoughts went into overdrive. This is unlike a Sunday morning, which for some reason is the one day when every thought is always slow and easy in the morning.

Today is a busy day for Elizabeth and I. She discovered late yesterday that her Myth, magic and Religion essay which she thought was due on the 9th, is actually due today the 6th. Big Ooops! Luckily yesterday, she had spent the day doing everything possible to complete it. By 4.00pm however, we realised that it was going to need some time spent on it today. Now that would have been good as it is still holidays and we had plenty time. But the pressure of knowing that by 5.00pm it has to be handed in, added a lot of stress and pressure. So the two of us are heading into the University this morning. I am going to find books for her Bibliography and she is going to work on a few last paragraphs. I must admit I have learnt so much about the cults of Cybele and Isis in Ancient Rome over the last few days, while I have typed for her as she dictated her thoughts. It is fascinating and makes me realise how easy it has become to allow my brain to stagnate over the last 24 years. I am not sure I could go back to University and study myself (although I keep toying with the idea of doing a creative writing course next year), but I am learning all the time and loving it. Thanks Elizabeth, I know you worry that you are adding to my workload - it is fun to do something so different.

Sarah and Matthew are having their hair trimmed for school (thanks Mom for taking care of that for me) and then it is a day to pack their bags and get organised. Polish the school shoes and find their hats and belongings. Hopefully their lunch boxes were emptied at the end of the holidays, or they could have grown a new life form by now! Only joking! I did check! They have just 9 weeks left of school this year, so that is going to be a busy time for us all.

As you can see my "Monday" brain is in full swing this morning.

Remember today's thought - Happiness is contagious! Be a carrier! and have a great Monday.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Roses for Spring

Spring is the perfect time of the year in Brisbane, the humidity and heat of summer have not arrived yet and my winter pruned roses are in full bloom. The view from my study window is so beautiful and the gentle breezes waft in the most divine smells of the traditional, old-fashioned roses that Ivan planted for me. I am always torn as to whether to cut a vase full for the house, or to leave them blooming so beautifully on the bushes.

I have an amazing collection of colours, including a beautiful 'blue rose' that is almost lilac in colour. It is special to Ivan as it is the same cultivar as a rose his Mum grew in her garden when he was a child. My special yellow rose that Matthew bought me for my first Christmas in Brisbane is also strong and healthy.

Yellow roses of course are my total favourites, these were the colour of my wedding bouquet and they represent friendship! I also love the stunningly deep red of an old-fashioned rose that has a fragrance that draws you in for a breath.
The photos above are of the ones that are in full bloom today, as others come into their own, I will share them with you all.
I hope you enjoy my Rose Garden!

The Fourth Secret.

Embrace Silence is the fourth Secret. Wayne Dyer talks about the value of Silence. He talks about the monentary silence in the space between your thoughts that you can become aware, of if you practice. It is here that you will find peace. Do you know that the average person has around 60,000 separate thoughts in a day - Wow!!!! I know somedays this must be even more. "I have to do the dishes, the laundry, take the kids to school, fetch them, get to work, what to wear, what to eat"............ and so it goes from the moment we wake.

Now I love his idea that if we can merge into that silence, that single gap, between thoughts we can connect to our Source and find the peace that some people call God. Psalms of the Old Testament says "Be still and know that I am God" Still means silence, still means stop thinking.

Another wonderful way of looking at the silence is the space between the notes of music. Without the space it would be one continuous cacophony of sound. Each note emerges from the silence, not from the noise.

I love the silence of my home, I seldom have a radio on when I am alone. Of course sometimes I enjoy the most amazing music and it lights up my soul, or I watch a bit of TV. But I often work in silence. The problem is that often that silence is filled with the noise of my very, very busy 60,000 thoughts.

Meditation is very difficult for most people. The moment you try to still your mind, thoughts pop in. I guess the idea is that we keep practicing and try and find the space between the thoughts. Focus on a phrase or a word and allow that to help you. Ritualised prayer helps many, especially when said slowly and with feeling. It is not the words, but the spaces that create the connection and the peace.

I guess the other idea is that when you have peace and silence in your soul you radiate a different kind of energy. It creates a shield around you that deflects negative energies. Remember, you attract what you give out! (Secret No 3).

Answers also come from silence, so if you have a problem don't worry it with thousands of thoughts, give it to silence and allow the silence to inspire and heal you.

Nature also is filled with silence! Now for all of us who are waking at 4.45am to the sound of the Dawn Chorus, I am sure that is not very helpful and does not seem true. But when you are out in Nature and you breathe with the planet, taking away all the noises we make to fill the void that we are afraid to experience, we are fulfilled. We are re-energised. Remember that day at the beach or in the forest, up a mountain or when you stood in silence and awe at Nature around you. I always feel like I am drinking in the sights and sounds and filling not my stomach or my mind, but my soul.

I hope this little post helps you find the silence you need for your life. Thanks again to this amazing book and many others which are helping me grow and find a new Me, no I think it is just allowing the true Me to finally emerge unafraid and powerful.

Have a wonderful day.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Secrets for success and inner peace

A while back I wrote about the book I am reading by Dr Wayne Dyer. I shared some of the info I gleaned from Secret Number One (Have a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing) in my garden email and I have over the past week or two taken one secret at a time and digested it for a few days. My plan was to try and write about each one as I understood and processed it. Holidays and visitors and lots of other distrations have distracted me from this, but I just want to share in brief a few of the ideas I have gained so far. I hope Dr Dyer doesn't mind me sharing his ideas with you, but I have found myself thinking and learning everyday from this simple beautiful little book.

Secret Number Two, was wonderful: "Don't die with your music still in you."
Point to yourself - do it now! Where did you point? Was it to your brain or was it to your heart? Listen to your heart, find your passion for living. Be inspired the word means 'in spirit'. Can you remember a moment of inspiration when everything clicked. You did not have to think, it just worked - A wow moment. This is the true connection with what you are supposed to be doing. Are you going to be a commuter through life, just doing the things you have to do or are you going to find that true purpose which is your music? I love this line: "You'll never be at peace if you don't get that music out and let it play. Let the world know why you're here, and do it with passion."

I also loved Secret Number Three: "You can't give away what you don't have."
This one seems really obvious at first, yet on reading it I discovered a far deeper truth. Dr Dyer starts out by talking about 'attractor energy'. Thoughts are a form of energy and you get back what you put into the world. It is also what you have to give away to others. If inside you there is anger and self-disrespect that is what you will give out to the world and in return attract back to you. But if you fill your thoughts and life with love and self-respect this is what you can give away and in turn attract back. He also talks about finding our purpose. Everyone is different and like in number two, we will all dance to our own music. Our purpose however, is only really that important if we can remember to make the purpose of our life about giving and giving love above all. Do you have that love to give away, do you possess the love for yourself?

In some ways these two ideas provoke some deep philisophical thoughts, but what a wonderful world we would create if eveyone of us, could follow these secrets.

I know someone who after struggling for many years with depression and self-doubt, chose to make someone else happy every single day. That was the goal they set, not a goal to feel better, not a goal to heal themselves, but to give to someone else the thing that they most wanted. This person is amazing! Everyone I know who meets her will tell you she has energy and a zest for living that is unbelievable. It was not done by fixing her problems, but rather by giving to the world the one thing that she wanted most and she found that she has it inside her to give. This special person is my Mom! I don't tell her enough how amazing she is, but just by that one simple act, she inspires me and many that get to know her.

Secret number Four is: "Embrace Silence". I will however, leave you with silence, for now. I hope that I have given you something wonderful to think about. If you want to read more Dr Wayne Dyer's book is called "10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace". Or wait for my next Inspiration Blog.


Friday, October 3, 2008

Special needs

I know that there is a very special poem that was written about 'children with special needs' (I will try and find it and publish it on Vesta-poetry) It is how God looked down to Earth and specially chose their parents. I remember reading it a very long time ago and thinking how wonderful those parents would be.

I now realise that I have been specially chosen by God, just for my children. They are three wonderfully gifted, talented, special and amazingly 'needful' children. God chose our family to place them and I thank him every day.

I know that there are times when I despair that I cannot fix or help them, times when they endure problems and suffering. Times when I wish that I could just take it all away from them, but I realise that they have been placed with me for a reason. I am the person that is best suited to be their Mommy.

Today Matthew endured another day at the orthodontist. He had his second expander fitted! Over the next four weeks, we will turn the key every second day and push his teeth apart. It will affect his speech, his eating and also I am sure cause him discomfit. I have always said that when God gave him his cleft lip and palate, he gave him the strength and humour to cope with the problems and pain. Matthew's theory is that he was going to be born perfect, but God decided that was not fair to the world, so had to 'deform' him in some way. See the humour!!!

Our beautiful Elizabeth is struggling at the moment, she needs our love and support to get her through this time in her life. We are here for her and will take care of her until she is able once more to stand tall and strong and conquer the world in her wonderful indomitable manner.

Little Sarah is our 'magical' child! She is so strong and determined and yet so vulnerable and insecure. She was born with a purpose and I know that when she finds it - it is going to be "Look out world!"

Am I up to this task? Yes, I think I am. God never gives us more challenges that we can cope with. He puts us in the right place, at the right time, and if we only open ourselves to the power of his gifts, we can reign supreme. I am blessed to be the Mother of my wonderful children. I know that this is one of the reasons I have lived the life that I have, so that I can raise them to share with the world their amazing gifts, love and talents.

My wish is that every parent experiences the love that I have for my children and that every child finds the true love that they deserve from the parents that God gave them.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Busy holidays

I love the school holidays. I gain about 2 hours everyday by not doing the school drop off and pickup. I also don't have to make those dreaded school lunches - that usually come home again, uneaten! The other major blessing is no ironing of school uniforms. I think I am going to ban school. Are there any downsides to school holidays for me - No I don't think so! I get to lie-in and the children are not grumpy. They are seldom bored and we enjoy each others company. So I am with the children - NO SCHOOL!!!!

These holidays have been fun. We have had family visiting from Canberra (Ivan's brother and nephew). Matthew was in heaven with Dean around for 5 days. They played snooker, air-hockey, badmington, PS2, computer games and swam. We never saw them from morning to night, unless it was for food. They also had a great day at Movieworld together, just the 2 Dads and the 2 boys! I am glad I did not go! Matthew went on the Scoobie Doo ride about 9 times, Dean and Alistair also did the Superman ride - No way! I am not good with rollercoasters.

We have also had lots of appointments these holidays. Sarah got her new glasses for reading, and Ivan's new glasses also arrived. Matthew had his visit to the cleft clinic and they were please with his progress. The best news is that we don't have to seem them for 2 years now, instead of every year. The girls and I have dentist appointments this afternoon - Yuck! and Matthew is having his 'expander' fitted to his mouth tomorrow. This is not going to be at all nice! I will have to get back into turning it everyday.

Elizabeth is working hard on University assignments as she only has 3 weeks left of classes before her exams and then she is finished her first year at Uni. Wow!

2008 has flown by! I am already contemplating Christmas cards and have started my Christmas shopping. The shops all have their Christmas trees and baubles up for sale. Seems a bit early for that for me, but I guess it is now only 8 weeks until December.

Hope you are all enjoying your holidays.