Monday, April 22, 2013


On Friday 19th my beautiful father-in-law Desmond Adair passed away in Northern Ireland.  Living on the other side of the world it was impossible for Ivan to get home in time for the funeral on Sunday and the sadness we all feel at this loss has been so overwhelming.

Dad you will be missed.

We took some time yesterday to indulge in some memories we shared with you:

We will always remember your very first trip to South Africa - when you asked if there were any "Giraffes or Zebras around" - we laughed at you and said 'No - you have to go to the game farms to see these" and then around the corner we drove past a fence where a number of zebras where standing. The local farmer had converted his beef cattle farm into a wildlife farm.  It was so funny.  I remember your excitement at seeing a chameleon, your love of the African wildlife and the hours you and Mom spent in the warm sunshine.

The three trips you made to see us in Australia.  The very long flights and yet the joy we had for you to spend some time with your Australian grandchildren, getting to know them.  We had the chance to take you to see all the Australian wildlife and some of the amazing places we have in this country.

Ivan and I however, agree that the highlight of your travels to spend time with us, was your and Mom's visit to America, when we lived there.  Walking you along the north rim of the Grand Canyon, watching the sunset over the red rocks of Bryce Canyon and perhaps most special of all your visit to Zion in Southern Utah.  Special places shared together.

Little things like introducing Elizabeth to a morning cup of coffee, made with lots of sugar and coffee creamer.  Walks in the neighbourhood and just spending time with the children.

All of these memories are your legacy.  Your laughter shared with us all, your love of nature and your hugs and cuddles.

Dad we will miss you and wish you peace on your journey.  We will meet again one day and I know you will be waiting to hear all about our next adventures.

 Desmond Adair 19 August 1938 - 19 April 2013.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Woo Hoo - Life is Good!

Have had the best 3 weeks - spending time with my brother Ian and his family - wife Wendy and my beautiful nieces Michelle - age 9 and Laura-Ashley age 10.

I have totally neglected my blog in these 3 weeks, used the energy to enjoy life.

So here is the update:

3 weeks ago - my chemotherapy (intravenous) was a bit of a disaster.  Just about 5 minutes into the treatment I had another severe reaction.  Within minutes I had 4 nurses and the doctor in the room.  Was placed on oxygen, Ventolin, anti-histamines and saline to flush the drugs out of my system.  I was struggling to breathe and felt very faint.  The result was that my oncologist cancelled the rest of my Oxaliplatin treatments - a real blessing for me as the side effects were really yucky.  I just had to continue on the tablets, which although there are some side-effects - they are easier to deal with.

I then had a lovely time with my family.
Balancing through life - having fun at a family picnic.

Back row - my Elizabeth, Matthew & Sarah
Front row Michelle & Laura-Ashley

Good looking kids

Celebrating my parent's 50th wedding anniversary with a great photo

My brother took this great photo of me - feeling fantastic

Wendy, Dad (Brian); Mom (Dorothy) and my brother Ian
I managed to enjoy a picnic out with the family, a trip up to Toowoomba for a great steak and a play in the park with my nieces. A lovely meal, which I cooked - after nearly six months of hardly cooking - I spent the day with Ivan cooking up a great Lasagna.  My nieces informed me it was the 'best in the world.'

And today was the highlight:

I saw my oncologist and I only had one more 2-week treatment of tablets (thought I might have had to have two); and then I am finished all my chemotherapy.  Friday I will be having my portocath removed; and will begin the last course.  In 8 weeks I will have my CT scan to confirm full remission and move into a wonderful new phase of living.  Celebrating life to the full and knowing that I did it. 

How now Brown Cow!

We live in a beautiful semi-suburban suburb in Ipswich, Queensland. Our one acre property backs onto a flower farm and they also have a number of dairy cows, which feed regularly near our fence.

Today however, sitting having breakfast - I looked up out of the window and noticed a lovely brown cow wandering past the front window.  In total disbelief I had another look and sure enough there she was. 

 I phoned the council and they sent out the animal management van who have finally rounded up 'Daisy' (my name).  My poor dogs can now relax and stop barking - which they have been doing all day.

So the end of a day's adventure for the cow - safely back in the pasture.