Saturday, December 29, 2012


Facebook is an amazing forum for finding, chatting, keeping & sadly 'losing friends.'  For me it has been an awesome medium for reconnecting with friends from my past and for making so many wonderful new friends. 

I have also been blessed by the kindness that I have been shown by so many people, through my recent bout of illness. Simple comments of support, love and healing, have made my journey so much easier and I want to acknowledge how important you have all been to me.

Today I was blessed once again, not through the medium of Facebook, but by the generous gift of a bunch of flowers from people who are not only the employers of my son (and eldest daughter before him); but also people who I consider friends.

A simple gesture of love and support that turned an ordinary day into something special. 

So to friends around the world - thank you.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and all the best wishes for 2013.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Heading to the ballet

 Elizabeth and I booked to go to the ballet in January this year and when my diagnosis and treatment plan occured I wasn't sure that I would make it to see "Sleeping Beauty" but luck and planning were on our side and by today - I had enough energy to attend the performance.
Elizabeth drove me in and looked after me the whole day. It was nice to get dressed up and get out of the house. The ballet was stunning.

Christmas 2012

Facing Christmas

Every year I look forward to Christmas with glee and joy and focus on all the wonderful, beautiful, exciting things that uplift our home at this time of the year. I take note of those around me less fortunate, less blessed and share a prayer and thought for them. I must admit it has been at times a fleeting prayer, as I indulge in the blessings of my own family and my life.

This year I am looking at Christmas from a slightly different place. My diagnosis of cancer and treatment has robbed me of energy and the bubbles that normally fill my days. I have been focussing on a 3 week regimen almost since August and even today just a week from Christmas I am resting in bed, conserving energy, just to get to the ballet this afternoon.

I am however, learning new lessons, perhaps the most valuable ones I could ever have learnt.  I am not indispensible (I would like to think I am); I am not indestructible (I thought I was); I am not a failure (for asking for help) and no-one hates me for not being perfect.

How many times have I judged others for not stepping up to the plate? How many times have I taken on more than I should, just because I didn’t ask for help? And more importantly how many times have I denied those around me the chance to share their love for me, by helping me just a little.

So Facing Christmas 2012 is a challenge.

My health is now a gift, not the thing I take for granted.

Your help is also a gift for which I cannot thank you enough.

Your prayers, thoughts and wishes lighten up my day as much as the electricity that lightens up our homes.

So facing Christmas 2012 – I wish you all health most of all, love and support of family and friends and my love. Thank you for being my friends.  

Monday, December 10, 2012

Motivational Sayings:

I am always inspired by words, ideas and thoughts that sum up a moment.  I have been recording and keeping a book and now computer file of these sort of things for years and today I have been inspired by a new one.

It was stated by a very wise - young man. I have known him for nearly 20 years and at times his words have made me laugh and at other times cringe! There have been words that have touched my heart and words that have broken it; but every word has held a special place.

These words however, extend beyond the normal wisdom of someone so young - they are words that have summed up a simple mistake. A mistake, similar to one we would all make at any time in our lives and then beat ourselves up for it. But . . . with his wisdom and these few simple words - he put it all into perspective.

"A step in the right direction with the wrong foot."

Matthew Adair - December 2012.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Health update

Lack of communication has become my biggest side-effect of my chemo treatment.  I have been managing energy and neglecting my writing.  Also Facebook is quick and easy, so my poor blog has been neglected.

So for those of you who follow Vesta - here is my news.

Today is nearly 3 weeks since my last treatment and I am feeling fantastic.  The last few days I have felt 'normal' again.  Filled with energy and an enthusiasm for life. Driving the kids crazy with my dancing and singing around the house.

I still have my hair, which is perfect and the tingles from cold drinks or cold temperatures have certainly decreased.  Still experiencing a little discomfit in my left hand/arm from the intravenous treatment, but it is manageable.

Now we begin again:

On Wednesday I head back into hospital to have a new portacath installed - I will stay overnight for my treatment on Thursday and then stay overnight again to manage any (hopefully none) side-effects.

 This is me after my first attempt at utilising the failed portacath - smiling idiotically - not sure that I should have been, but it was smile or cry. So I opted to smile.
Feeling a little worn and tired and really cold as the IV chemo treatment is installed.

Feline fantastic

 Cleo was having a super nap the other day while I was working on my computer. She was so relaxed that I was able to snap these great photos of her.
 I didn't use the flash, so she could stay asleep.  She really is the most beautiful cat in the world - not very friendly, but quite sociable. She loves company, spending hours asleep on my desk, or on her scratching post next to me in the study.
When she woke - I captured the 'hunter' as she watched the night moths appear at the window.