Sunday, July 31, 2011

Internet on Strike

Slow week for the internet - children used up all our Download/Upload

Posts will come later in the week.

Happy Birthday to my Dad for tomorrow - August 1st.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A City visit to the Cathedral

 St John's Anglican Cathedral - one of the world's last Gothic buildings to be built - it was started in 1901 and completed in 2009. Built in 3 phases from 1906 - 1910; 1964-1968 and 1989-2009.  It is 79.2m in length; 37m wide and 18.2m high (inside) the West End Spires are 49.7m high.  It is a beautiful building and houses an amazing Coin collection charting Christianity as well as some beautiful stained glass windows.  My point & shoot wasn't good enough to capture these - but I can share that the modern ones on the West end of the building are amazing - There are the words - "I am the God of the Cosmos" and it includes E=mc2 - how fascinating!  We spent ages in their admiring the stonework, woodwork, needlework on the cushions and the beauty of the building.
 Often a Cathedral can be quite sterile, but this building held a sense of peace and of God, the volunteers in the building were wonderful and it was a lovely excursion.

Picnic time

 Cheers everyone! 
 Elizabeth using her camera to record the day and me sitting back relaxing.
 This amazing picnic area is in the middle of an Industrial Estate, but it is surrounded by the Oxley Creek and a swampy area, so it not any use for building - this has proved a boon to local birdlife. Unfortunately, a lot of the area is still closed after the recent floods, but as soon as it is open we will be back to bird watch.

We did however, enjoy the warm sun, yummy food and peaceful relaxing day.  And of course I love Windmills - so this shot was perfect!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

In Response to 'Nothing is Wrong'

Thank you for the lovely supportive comments - Julie and Darlene!

I followed my instincts today and decided to take the girls out for a picnic.  We had a doctor's appointment for Elizabeth first but then headed to a new park we had heard about - Oxley Creek Common - apparently it is a bird-watcher's paradise.

It was water-logged and damaged in the floods and is still under recovery - but the picnic area is recovered and we enjoyed warm sunshine and yummy snacks. We could hear bird-life all around us, but except for a couple of magpies, we didn't spot anything significant.  We will however, go back when all the walking tracks are re-opened. I think there might be some great bird shots.

Photos to follow in next post.

So now 'Nothing is Wrong' - fresh air, warm winter sunshine and my girls for company - has made a perfect day.

Nothing is wrong?

Why when everything is going right does everything sometimes feel wrong?

For the last couple of days I have felt lost and frustrated.  I haven't been able to shake the feeling of the blues - tired, listless and just plain old down :(

I think it is the result of stopping - if I keep busy and achieving all seems good, but when you finish a major task like the renovations and then stop, it all seems too hard to begin again.

Winter in Qld is just the most beautiful time of the year, but it is still winter. Our bodies slow down along with nature and the mornings are cooler making it harder to get up.  So I am sluggish and tired.

So as I woke up today, I snuggled under the covers and decided that 'Nothing is Wrong' and I am okay! And most importantly - I am allowed to feel a little slow, a little blue and a little down - Nothing is wrong, but not much feels right.

So for now, I am nurturing Me - I am going to slow down like nature and take it easy, then wake up like the Spring and burst forth again.

A little crazy musings, a little indulgent post - but Nothing is Wrong!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Room by Room

 Starting in Sarah's room - the most dramatic by far.  Sarah as you all know chose Black/Red & White for her theme.  We found a funky red leather chair for her and a red & black desk.  A TV/DVD player and fish tank finish off that side of the room
 Although a teenager, Sarah still loves her fairies so this alcove is filled with her fairies, mermaids and knick-knacks (I don't dust it - that is her chore)
 The most amazing part of her room is her red wall and bed - it just makes the room.

Now for Elizabeth's room - or as she calls it her Sanctuary!
 (Sorry about the shadow)  Elizabeth loves purple (no kidding).  Her room is so serene and peaceful - filled with rich wooden furniture and books.
 We installed the extra window into the room, which has given it so much more light - we are still looking for a narrow desk for her, but in the meantime she has this table for her computer.
 Cupboards fill one wall and her TV and DVD player sit well on the unit in between, her rocking chair makes a nice addition and it is a lovely place to sit and chat with her.
 This is the wall that Dad and I built - with the new door - creating a passage between the two girls rooms (sorry forgot to take a picture) - Sarah created the amazing 'E' for Elizabeth in her room colours and her blanket box is covered with her fairy treasures.  She still needs to put something on this wall, but is deciding.

Now for Matt's room.  Matt's room is very long (about 6m - two rooms joined together, so it is divided into 2 sections, sleeping - this end and lounge the other.
 His bed, table and bookcase all fit really well.
 The room is separated by his cupboard and drawers and the couch across the room. He has his 'giant' TV that he bought as well as his game consoles.
 Matt's desk area is where he is supposed to do his homework, but spends a lot of time playing games. Luckily he is a good student - so I don't have to pester him too much.
 An almost full view of the room.
The wooden floors have been the highlight of the renovations and updated and upgraded the house completely. 

So if you have got to the end of the show - this is what I have spent the last few months doing.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We can see you!

Today, Mum and Dad took a behind the scenes tour of the Highway upgrade that has been happening for the past two years.  It has been a mamoth task and so impressive and our 'neck of the woods' is going to be wonderful when it is completed.

Their tour started at 1pm and at 2.20pm, they were standing on the bridge, Mum taking the photo above.  The most amazing thing about this photo is that as Mum was taking it we were driving towards the bridge.  I had just said to the girls - look their are Granny & Grandad - we laughed and although I don't think it will be easily seen in this photo (due to quality) - when we zoomed in we identified my car.

It is the silver car in the left lane just behind the far white car & caravan - I had just pulled out to overtake this couple as we approached so was able to identify it immediately - talk about being in the right place at the right time.

A Quiet Blog - A Busy Week

The last couple of weeks seem to have flown by so fast.  I haven't had time to take photos, let alone even think about posting anything on Vesta.

Over the weekend, we decided to have a Turkey dinner and celebrate Christmas in July. The food was yummy, and I was so distracted that I didn't even think to take any pictures - sorry :(  Afterwards we were all spoilt as Mum had decided that we couldn't have Christmas in July without a small gift each. She had bought us all a little something funny and nice. I did get the camera out for these, so I will try and post them soon.

And now a big apology - I have realised (after a prompt from my lovely brother) that I have not posted (or taken) photos of the finished renovated bedrooms.  I guess with the rush to finish and then my surgery I just haven't even thought about it.  So this week, I will borrow Mum's camera with its wonderful wide-angle lens and take a few photos.  Again, I will get them up as soon as possible.

Thanks for everyones patience - will hopefully be back blogging regularly soon.


Monday, July 18, 2011

A Mixed Bag of News

First of all - hello to you all!  It has been a few days since my last post. 

Recovery from my surgery is going really well - have my stitches out and a clean bill of health. Fatty food doesn't taste as good, so an improvement in my diet is under way. A good move for sure as my surgeon advised that without a gallbladder there is a tendancy to get fat! Yikes! I don't need that thank you.  It is good though, as I enjoying the lower fat foods already.  My scars are healing, and the bruises fading. Unfortunately, one has 'keloided' - a problem I have suffered in the past - a curse of such a fair skin.

Another medical update is that Dad had his hand surgery (pins in three joints on his right hand) on Friday and all went well.
 Yesterday he was feeling well enough to enjoy some sunshine, sitting outside reading a book.  We took Cleo down for a visit on her new harness.  Now this may seem really strange, but we are teaching her to exercise outside and walk on a harness.
 At first she lay flat on the ground, but soon started exploring.
 The reason for the harness and keeping her as an inside cat, is that Australian wildlife is extremely vulnerable to cats (and dogs). We have managed to train both of our dogs not to chase birds, but with a cat it is an instinct that you cannot change. We have an amazing array of birdlife in our garden which we feed, as well as lizards. So this will be the only way we can allow her some freedom. 
 The same morning we had over 14 Sulphur Crested Cockatoo's at the feeder as well as short-billed Corellas. So it would be shame to allow her to chase them away, or worse kill any. Not that she would stand a chance again these birds :)

Now for the best photo of all:  My Mum has always disliked Cats - and we wondered how she would take to Cleo, well this photo says it all.  She totally loves this beautiful, little kitten and holds her as often as she can.  So Granny had a cuddle with a very happy Cleo, who enjoyed the cuddle.
A good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yesterday Elizabeth and I took Sarah to get her braces off (post to follow soon) and while we were waiting for her retainer to be made; we took the opportunity to go and see the last :( Harry Potter movie.


We were completely emotionally exhausted by the end of the movie, it fulfilled every promise of the book and we thought it was one of the best of the series.

If you see one movie this year (but only if you have read the books, or seen the other movies) this is worth seeing.  Loved it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A lovely visitor

 As I have laid in bed over the last couple of mornings I have noticed a lovely visitor - A Common Koel. This is shy bird about the size of a partridge and it scurries and runs around, rather than flying. It has a long tail and is difficult to photograph.
 So today sitting at my desk checking emails, I spotted it again and grabbed my little Cannon - these few pictures are all I managed.
We have heard him calling a couple of times, but not seen much of him, so this was a great sighting.

Age and Recovery

Oh boy!  I am feeling my age - it is taking me much longer than anticipated to recover from this surgery.  I am used to my body obeying me in most things, but as I approach the Big 50 - I am realising if I want the same responses as in my 20's and 30's I am going to have to take a lot more care of it.

I have been one of the most blessed people in the world, I have always been able to eat anything and pay too much attention to this amazing house in which I reside; BUT over the last 6 - 12 months I have begun feeling the difference.

My body is giving me a strong message :

Feed me properly (otherwise we will pile on the kilos and make you have your gallbladder out)
Exercise (otherwise we will pile on the kilos and cause aches and pains)
Rest (otherwise you won't have any energy)

So I am slowly recovering; feeling a lot better each day and eating healthy.

Will follow all orders to take it slowly from friends and family :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Healing and recovery

Hello everyone,

I am healing - all my lovely bruises are turning a delightful yellow and I can breathe deeply again.  I have taken full advantage of the opportunity to rest - something I don't do well. With the help and insistence of my lovely family I have stayed mostly in bed, reading, watching TV and sleeping.  I am beginning to feel that I can tackle life again - slowly

It is amazing that enforced rest is so difficult for me. I love being active and find that I feel guilty when I am not up and about working.

So the update is that I am showered and up for a few hours today - under strict supervision.  Thank you for the lovely emails and kind wishes.


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Here are the little suckers!

These tiny little things are the cause of all my problems - the largest is only about 1cm and tiniest about 1mm - and yet they managed to cause all that pain.

For those of you who are squeamish - sorry!

Day 3 ends and I am feeling a lot better, well rested and pampered by my children, parents and hubby.  Doing lots of reading, watching some TV and sleeping - what bliss

I am home

First of all thanks Mum for keeping everyone up to date and thank you for all the comments and wishes.

Surgery went well, not too many gallstones, but a few large ones; so glad I have had it out.  The hospital staff were wonderful and I could easily have stayed in for a couple of days - but modern medicine gets you up and out.  Came home yesterday at 1pm, the dressing covering my drain site, overfilled so had to get it re-dressed last night, all well now.

Have woken feeling much better, still a little bruised and tender, but the nausea from yesterday has eased. Now I am taking everyone's advice and resting. I am looking forward to the rest of the week taking it easy being pampered by my beautiful children.

Thank you all for your wishes and thoughts.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Thank You

 These beautiful flowers arrived this evening from my beautiful Friend Angel-Julie in Perth; with a lovely note wishing me healing thoughts for tomorrow. It is such a special feeling to be so blessed with great friends.
Thank everyone for your kind wishes and love. Speak to you all in a couple of days.

Taking a rest

Tomorrow I go into hospital for my surgery - goodbye gallbladder!

It is interesting in that I am totally unfazed about the surgery, it feels like it needs doing and I am going to do it.  I am sure all will be well and in a couple of days I will be back online.

So wishing you all a great week and a special wish to my friends Julie and Darlene for Canada Day celebrations - even though I am a little late.