Thursday, July 28, 2011

In Response to 'Nothing is Wrong'

Thank you for the lovely supportive comments - Julie and Darlene!

I followed my instincts today and decided to take the girls out for a picnic.  We had a doctor's appointment for Elizabeth first but then headed to a new park we had heard about - Oxley Creek Common - apparently it is a bird-watcher's paradise.

It was water-logged and damaged in the floods and is still under recovery - but the picnic area is recovered and we enjoyed warm sunshine and yummy snacks. We could hear bird-life all around us, but except for a couple of magpies, we didn't spot anything significant.  We will however, go back when all the walking tracks are re-opened. I think there might be some great bird shots.

Photos to follow in next post.

So now 'Nothing is Wrong' - fresh air, warm winter sunshine and my girls for company - has made a perfect day.

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darlin said...

What a fantastic way to spend your day! I sometimes wish I still had my children at home so I could do things with them, it's not always fun living alone. Actually it gets pretty lonely, good thing I have my Abbie, she keeps me sane.