Saturday, July 30, 2011

A City visit to the Cathedral

 St John's Anglican Cathedral - one of the world's last Gothic buildings to be built - it was started in 1901 and completed in 2009. Built in 3 phases from 1906 - 1910; 1964-1968 and 1989-2009.  It is 79.2m in length; 37m wide and 18.2m high (inside) the West End Spires are 49.7m high.  It is a beautiful building and houses an amazing Coin collection charting Christianity as well as some beautiful stained glass windows.  My point & shoot wasn't good enough to capture these - but I can share that the modern ones on the West end of the building are amazing - There are the words - "I am the God of the Cosmos" and it includes E=mc2 - how fascinating!  We spent ages in their admiring the stonework, woodwork, needlework on the cushions and the beauty of the building.
 Often a Cathedral can be quite sterile, but this building held a sense of peace and of God, the volunteers in the building were wonderful and it was a lovely excursion.

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darlin said...

Wow, what a magnificent building! I can see why you'd spend a few hours checking it all out, I'd be doing the same thing with my DSLR though. Have a wonderful day!