Thursday, July 7, 2011

I am home

First of all thanks Mum for keeping everyone up to date and thank you for all the comments and wishes.

Surgery went well, not too many gallstones, but a few large ones; so glad I have had it out.  The hospital staff were wonderful and I could easily have stayed in for a couple of days - but modern medicine gets you up and out.  Came home yesterday at 1pm, the dressing covering my drain site, overfilled so had to get it re-dressed last night, all well now.

Have woken feeling much better, still a little bruised and tender, but the nausea from yesterday has eased. Now I am taking everyone's advice and resting. I am looking forward to the rest of the week taking it easy being pampered by my beautiful children.

Thank you all for your wishes and thoughts.



darlin said...

I'm very happy to hear all went well and good for you to be taking it easy. Enjoy some down time while you can my friend!

Beverly said...

Thanks Darlene, Am enjoying the rest.