Friday, April 11, 2014

April news

April has started with some lovely cooler nights and beautiful mornings. It is one of my favourite months in Queensland. The skies are clear blue, the sun warm and day time temperatures in the mid 20's.

We did however, have a storm the other night that caused a major electrical short in the power pole just outside our house.  A couple of hours without electricity resulted in a great game of cards by candlelight.

Today a very special thing occurred - Sarah went down to her Grandad so that he could teach her to carve.  Sarah is very gifted artistically and has expressed interest in carving. Today she began a 'comfort bird' - a very special carving. 
Gloves for protection and a Grandad for instruction
A good happening of the month so far was finding a very special book. Ever since I was a little girl my Mom has talked about a book called "Barney Blue Eyes" - it was a favourite of hers as a child and she had a copy she read to me when I was little.  Sometime during our moves and growing up the book went missing.  For at least the last 10-15 years we have hunted every antique store and second-hand bookshop - no luck.

But .... in searching for another title on 'abebooks' - I thought to type in the title and lo & behold - I found "More Barney Blue Eyes" - it is a First Edition published in 1938 and in really good condition. I ordered it straight away and had the joy of giving it to Mom just a few days ago.

Mom and I with her book.  We both look a little worn - me with little hair and Mom with scars & plasters from some basal cell cancer removals - but those smiles say it all - JOY!


Monday, March 31, 2014

I am Trouble!

Miss Molly is now nearly 10 weeks old and is so adorable, but trouble with a capital T - she loves chasing Bella and also creeping up behind Abby to jump on her tail.

This morning I caught her digging under my pot plant - the face says it all - "I am Guilty"


Yesterday we celebrated my remission with a party for friends and family that have supported me on this 20 month journey. 

Waiting for our guests
 I made the decision yesterday that I will begin to abandon my turbans - my hair is growing back really strongly and I am loving it.

The many friends and family who have supported me and joined me in our celebration
 It was the most beautiful afternoon of laughter and sharing with this amazing group of people who have loved and supported me through good times and bad.
Another great photo of the group.

Kay, Kevin and me
 Despite me telling everyone not to bring any gifts - I was overwhelmed with flowers, wine, chocolates, a silver necklace from Kevin and Kay and a gift card from Robyn, Allen & Ryan.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Happy Birthday and Congratulations

Yesterday Matthew passed his driver's licence.  It has been a big couple of celebratory days for him.

It was wonderful to see him arrive back from his test and have passed - the tester even wrote on his test sheet - "Good Drive" - so two qualified driver's in the house now - and only Sarah to go.

Matthew's new car with its "P" plate -  Provisional Driver for 2 years.

A very happy boy.
And today it was his 20th birthday. It is wonderful to celebrate his birthday with him - he has brought our family so much joy - I am so proud of you Matthew.

Matt had work today and when we dropped by the Newsagency where he works  - Granny and Grandad sang Happy Birthday to him in front of the whole shop.

After work - we celebrated with a cake and some presents.

Blowing out your candles

Thanks Granny & Grandad for framing my picture

A GPS for your new car - so that you will never be lost and will always find your way home.

Presents for the birthday boy - let's hope those lottery tickets win that $20 million

The kids!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pain Free

This morning I woke up pain free for the first time in weeks, no probably months.  Since my cancer was diagnosed 18 months ago I have lived with a low level of pain. However, the past couple of weeks have seen my pain increase day by day until yesterday I saw our GP. 

A prescription of some strong pain medication has resulted in my first pain free evening and a morning waking up pain-free.  I love modern medicine.  Now I can begin to heal.

Little notes

Yesterday morning I woke to a lovely note on the kitchen bench.  It was from Ivan. 

Ivan gets up at about 5.30am every morning and lets the dogs out, feeds them and gives them fresh water.  He then gives Hazel (the bird) fresh food and water in her outside cage - ready for when she goes out later in the day. He also brushes Cleo (the Persian cat) and gives her a treat and a drink of water from the tap.  All of this before he even has his own breakfast.

Yesterday he left us a note to tell us what he had done and also to send us all a special message for the day.  It was such a lovely thing to wake up to.

So ..... this morning - we left him a note in return - we all wrote him a message.

And then he left us another note!

This has been a great bit of fun between our family.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Another family member

Today we fulfilled Sarah's dream - to finally get another dog.

Now we already own 2 dogs - Abby and Bella; 3 cats - Cleo, Greyson & Mae and a bird - Hazel.

But ever since we had to put little Max to sleep last year - Sarah has wanted and asked for another puppy. 

After getting my good news last week and finally making the decision to take Sarah out of school (she is home schooling) - it seemed the perfect time.

So Little Molly joined our family.  She is a Maltese x Poodle and is just 8 weeks old.

Little Miss Molly

The smile says it all

Introducing Molly to Abby and Bella

I think I will sit next to my Mommy

Abby looks so fierce, but is such a gentle dog and a real mother - she took to Molly straight away

The big and the small of it all
Sarah my love, I hope Molly fills that space in your heart that is missing.  Take good care of her my Angel and she will love you forever.