Monday, June 9, 2014

A longer journey.

I have been in hospital since my last post.  The pain battle has been ongoing - some definite progress has been made, which is wonderful. But ... the drugs are very strong, which means I cannot drive and am very groggy most of the time.

I was under the care of the most amazing people and blessed beyond belief in their care of me.

On Saturday 8th - I had a small laparoscopic surgery to see what is causing all the pain.  It turned out that there are a few adhesions as expected, but unfortunately it also found more tumours in the upper peritoneum as well as the area identified by the scan - the lower peritoneum. 

I was discharged from hospital, Sunday lunchtime and tomorrow will contact the surgeon for an appointment as soon as possible to discuss my situation.  It is very scary as the cancer seems to be well spread.  Emotionally I am at a low point, but will pick myself up and start all over again.


Red said...

You are very strong to keep on challenging and fighting. I hope they find something to make things more comfortable.

Davine said...

My heart and thoughts are with you Beverley. You are allowed to be low occasionally. xxx