Sunday, March 24, 2013

Flights delayed

Less than 100 years ago the thought that we would be able to organise a holiday in another part of the world - hop on a plane and fly for 15 plus hours and visit family that lived there would have been ludicrous. Yet, today this is so easy and possible.

My brother and his wife, with my two nieces were due to arrive today from South Africa.  The bags were packed the girls all excited and then the plane was delayed for 24 hours.  What a blow!

How to explain to an 8 & 9 year old that they have to wait?  My brother did a wonderful job - he took the girls to the local park to run off some energy and then they went out to lunch as a family - yup - no food in the house.

It was an upsetting and frustrating day for us all - as we had planned to pick them up this afternoon and celebrate together. But . . . this morning when I woke - I realised that we are so blessed! We are able to fly around the world, visit with family and friends and it happens in an instant.

Technology has given us the gift of 'instant gratification' but it has also taken away our gift of patience and waiting.  We phone someone and talk to them immediately, we share information as it happens on Twitter or Facebook - we live in a world of 'right now'.  I love it, but am also very aware of the need to step back, take a breath and realise that a delayed flight is okay.  It is so much better than a 'crashed flight' or no flight at all.

So tomorrow, when my family arrives I will hug them and love them and appreciate every moment we are together.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The wisdom of losing your Wisdom Teeth

Our Sarah had her wisdom teeth out yesterday.  Despite her anxiety she coped so well and was so brave and calm. Well Done Sarah!

It was a really, really long day.  We had to be at the hospital at 11.30 a.m. but she was only taken into surgery at 2.40 p.m. So a lot of waiting around. Sarah and I were taken into pre-admission at 12.30 p.m. and gowned up.  They arranged for me to accompany her all the way to theatre, which was really great. Of course I had to get into scrubs for that, so looked really funny. Luckily Sarah had her Ipod Touch with her, so we were able to take these lovely pre-op photos.

 I thought I should offer to operate on Sarah, or at least assist, but she decided that she didn't need my help.
Anyway after leaving Sarah at the theatre door after a chat to the doctors and nurses, I joined Elizabeth for lunch. She had been working in the cafe for a few hours on her university work, her concern that I would be too tired by the end of the day to drive home, or that Sarah would need her support, meant that she came and spent the day with us.

Finally, at 5.15 p.m. I was able to see Sarah in recovery. She was doing so well, alert and not in any pain. We left the hospital by 5.45 and were home by 6.15 p.m. A very long day.

 Ice-packs and pain-killers helped and a good night's sleep followed - all helped by a couple of new friends. One is never too old to have a new teddy bear - so Albert on the right and Rainbow on the left were cuddled and enjoyed.

Well Done Brave Sarah - Love you!

Monday, March 18, 2013

A learned cat

 I walked into the family room a couple of days ago to see our cat Cleo ensconced on the bookcase.  She had found a lovely little corner and settled down for a nap.

With two scratching posts and plenty of places to sleep, it always delights me when I see our cats finding new and cosy places to catch a few minutes of peace.

 Lifting her head to look at me when the flash disturbed her slumber, she soon covered her eyes and went back to sleep.
Sweet dreams - Cleo!

Celebrating 24 years anniversary in OUR style!

Ivan and I have always been home-bodies. Instead of pubs and parties, restaurants and fancy meals we have enjoyed our own backyard, our comfy home and simple fare in the food department.  This year to celebrate our anniversary we had planned to go out but . . . this is what we had for dinner.

 Ivan had been out for a business lunch and my chemo treatment means that food is never high on my list - so we both settled for a bowl of breakfast cereal at about 7 p.m.  I found it so funny that I had to rush off and get the camera to record the joy of being married for 24 years.
 Funny grins and a kiss are more than enough for us both.  What a joy to be so in tune and content with life.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Celebrating love and longevity

Celebrating 24 years of love.

Today Ivan and I are celebrating 24th wedding anniversary. 

To find your soul mate is a gift that many seek and few find, but I found mine in Ivan. We started our married life under a few clouds, in fact in the middle of a major thunderstorm, but the rainbows were always peeping through.  We shared our downs together, always standing by each other and celebrated our ups with love and joy. 

In these 24 years, we have lived on three continents, had three wonderful children, lost three little babies who weren't meant to be and have owned three houses. We have loved, laughed and cried through all of these experiences and together have always found a way to say I love you.

I never said the word 'obey' in my vows and we have always laughed about that - Ivan has given me the gift of never asking me to, the freedom to walk my own path and the trust to know that together we will choose the right way for us. 

I did say the word honour and I honour this man.  He is my life and my love and I know that I am his Angel. 

We have looked after each other in health, and in minor bouts of sickness - but as this last 9 months has challenged us - I have learnt the value and gift of being loved in sickness.  My Ivan asks nothing of me, except to get better, so we may share the rest of our lives together. 

For the man that I love - I say thank you - thank you for 24 years ago - taking a chance and marrying me and for today - loving me more than you did then. 

I Love You Ivan and always will.
Happy Anniversary.