Thursday, September 29, 2011


Counting down the days - 32 to go!

For the last two years I have participated in NaNoWriMo and written two 50 000 word novels - the first two books in my series 'The Creators'

This year I am planning to write book 3 the final instalment. It is going to be a challenge again, but I am really excited. I have started to dream about the characters, so it must be time.  I am also going to spend the next month, creating a few xcel spread sheets to keep track of times, places and characters; so that I have a more cohesive pattern to work from.

The best part of all, is that I have no idea where the story is going and what is going to happen - it just develops a life of its own as I write.

So to friends who are participating in NaNoWriMo - good luck, and soon we will be mental writers for another month.

Catching up on cleaning and paperwork

Today was cleaning day - it is wonderful to have children that are willing and able to help.  We tidied up and then I sorted out paperwork - a chore I dislike, but that needs doing.  I am a bit fussy and pedantic about it, but that is years of working in the bank - where I learnt to file and keep receipts.

My study is looking more and more special and today my new Creative Memories Everyday Display arrived.  This is a great magnetic board in stylish black on which I can hang up photos, my oracle cards, or just special things. I am going to buy a few more magnets, but this is just lovely. I know I am going to make lots of use of it.

So my study is now tidy, the accounts sorted, but not filed. My bedroom dusted, tidied, rearranged and feeling fresh and filled with lovely yellow roses my beautiful children bought me yesterday.  Life is good.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


My muse has hair that’s gold and white. It is as soft as silk
Even though she loves it, I will not feed her milk
She purrs and watches as I type; her golden eyes they glow
Every time I stop and play, a game of catch and throw

Her name is Cleopatra, after the great Egyptian Queen
And I have to say that like her; Cleo loves to primp and preen
Her stately gait and manner, is distant and aloof
Even when she climbs the walls, to get up on the roof

My muse helps me write my books. Or maybe not at all
As she chases, my cursor, and the mouse across the wall
Typing fingers fascinate, my muse - who is my cat
Don’t eat the power cords! – Skat - Cat – Skat!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A short story - for those who don't follow Vesta-poetry


(Written for my friend Julie, who inspired me with her beautiful photo)
Photo courtesy of Julie Brown

A story about days long past

“Henry, are you awake? That woman is looking at us. She is pointing at us with one of those modern things; Henry, you still there Henry?”

“Yes, Jones, I am still here. Only just, but still here. It has been a long time hasn’t it? A long time since a woman looked at us. Longer for you than for me, but I feel older than you. I wonder why I feel so old. I am tired Jones, so tired. . .”

“Hey, Henry, don’t go back to sleep, please – it is so lonely here. Since the old man died no-one even comes to the shed anymore. Henry – you awake?”

“I’m awake.”

“I think I figured out why you feel so old, you were made old – you were a stately, gentlemen’s car; while me, with my fancy spokes and wheels and open-top; I was made for the young ones; for racing the countryside, down the lanes and for laughter. It is why I stay awake longer than you, why I feel young and you feel old”

“Maybe, Jonesy, maybe. I do remember those days; I remember them well.”

“Please tell me Henry, please. I love the stories.”

“Look – she is leaving – the lady with the modern thing. She must be one of the poor folk – no car, always walking. I guess she was envious and that is why she stopped; probably off to work – maybe to work in the big house. She is probably a cleaner or maybe a house-keeper . . .”

“Don’t go to sleep Henry, please stay awake a little longer.”

“Do you remember the big house Jones? Do you remember the Master long ago, when he was a gentleman and we took rides to the big city?”

“Henry, the Master never rode in me, you were his favourite. It was young Mister James who drove me, we used to race along the countryside with Miss Charlotte. She used to squeal, as we bounced along, her hair falling out of her hat. It was sunny, racing days – them days.”

“Yes, Jones I remember. The Master used to despair about young Mister James – always scared that he would have an accident in you, but you kept him safe. It was the horses that killed him. His hunting with his horses; they used to race past here – him and Miss Charlotte, always laughing; the week of the wedding was when it happened.

All the guests were up from the city. Most had come up in carriages, but a few had cars; not as fancy as us, but we were kind of new back then – weren’t we?

Mister James decided to organise the hunt – he loosed the hounds early. Miss Charlotte and he were out in front as always; when that big Red Roo, bounded in front of the horses. Australia’s not a gentlemen’s place like England – hunting’s not so civilised, and they forgot about the kangaroos. It took out Miss Charlotte’s horse on its first bound and then Mister James with its hind legs. I didn’t see it, but I remember them telling the Master. He had just arrived back from the city – we were still idling in the driveway when they came running out to greet us.  He just sat back in the seat, still-like, no breathing, just still.  I could feel his heart slowing, I thought it would stop. But, he stood up, quiet-like and walked into the big house.”

“I never saw the Master again Henry, they brought me out here and covered me up with the oil-cloth. No-one said anything. It was dark for a long time. The shed doors never opened. Not for a long time. I wondered what had happened, what I had done wrong.”

“You did nothing wrong Jonesy, it was just the Master’s way – he couldn’t look at you – you reminded him of young Mister James too much, of happier days. He still drove in me, to the city and back each day. It was silent times, his sadness seeped into my leather, but we kept each other company. Then one day they drove me here – I heard them talking; the Master had taken a turn – he couldn’t talk or move his left side anymore; he wasn’t going into the city. They were going to get him a nurse in to stay, so I came here to the shed.”

“I remember, Henry, I remember that day.  The sun was so bright that I had to dim my headlights; they pulled back the oil-cloth when they opened the doors.  Miss Tilly was weeping, she was weeping for the Master and for Mister James. They drove you in next to me, and shut the doors on us both. I was too scared to say anything to you at first Henry; you were so grand and serious. Then you started to tell me stories, do you remember our stories?”

“Yes Jones, I remember, but, time passes and people forget. Even that lady with the modern thing will forget. She will walk onto her life today and we will be a memory for a few hours and then she will forget. It is time to sleep Jones, time to sleep again, time to dream . . .”

“No Henry, please don’t go to sleep. It is so lonely here, only the birds and the mice. The spiders don’t even talk to me when they make webs in my spokes. Please Henry, stay awake.

Henry . . . Henry”

A short story

My lovely friend Julie, shared a few of her photos that she has been inspired to take recently and this one sparked a story - check it out on Vesta poetry. I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, September 23, 2011

A Blessing on my Space

As I have been setting up my new desk - I took a moment to ask for a 'blessing' on my space - my new Oracle card deck by Doreen Virtue "Life Purpose" cards drew me and so I drew a card.  This is the one that appeared.  I couldn't have wished for more confirmation that this is my path.

I am a writer. I will stop procrastinating with every excuse and I am going to write.  First off is NaNoWriMo in just 38 days and that will be the time to finish book three. In the meantime, I am going to do some writing every second day - that way - I will have time to achieve other things.

But, this is my space - for writing

My Space & My View

 This is the view from my study window - outside is a full flowering Jasmine Creeper and Lavender, as well as a rose garden, which Ivan planted specially for me.

 And Now Here is the reason for this post . . .

I have my space - a new desk, chosen by me; for me; and will be decorated by me.  It was delivered just this morning and it is lovely.  I still have lots of things to sort out in the study, but I am going to create my space.  The space where I write my books, do my blog, photos and scrapbooking and have time for me.  So I thought I would share it with you all.
My new desk

Raven - a guiding light who looks over me as I write

My technology side, closest to the door, but away from the window

Fairies hanging above me, to bless this space and Sarah's sign which she painted for me - it reads "You find true bliss by doing what you love"
Now how could a day be any more perfect than this.

So next time you read a blog post from Vesta you will be able to imagine me sitting at my 'new' desk typing to you.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What to say when you have nothing to say

I have logged onto Vesta a couple of times this week and wondered what I should write about - and then logged off again. Why?  Well, because I didn't know what to say.

So here I am talking about 'nothing'.

Our family is suffering from a virus - not sure what - we are all washed out, tired and feeling run down.
I have been busy taking children to appointments for doctors, dentists and other appointments.
I have been scrolling through photos for the Ipswich photo competition which closes on Friday and have finally submitted all Sarah and my entrants - here is a photo of my final entrant - and yes these colours are real.

I hope that we make the finals at least in some of our entrants - that way we will be invited to the Award night on Wed 26th October - and get to see the winners announced. It will be great, especially for Sarah, who has really taken the time to use Mom's camera and learn a little about photography.

Other than that - the days are warming up and we are enjoying the beginning of summer.
Sarah is already enjoying the pool - floating more than swimming, but has been brave enough to get wet a few times.

Don't splash me!
So that is my catch-up for today.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Here's looking at you!

Brahminy Kite (Fish Eagle)

Crested Hawk
What do these birds see when they watch us taking their photograph - do they recognise us? We see the beauty of their colours, the beauty of the eyes, wings, feathers, beaks and claws or webbed-feet; but do we even register on their radar other than a predator or prey.

I have enjoyed focusing on birds for the past couple of weeks of photography and our local Mallard Ducks are friendly enough to come up close for a photo.

Experimental photography

With the upcoming Ipswich photographic competition, I have been inspired to try my hand at various types of photography and one of the categories is Macro Flora - so here are some examples of some of the beautiful flowers in our garden - a little close up.

This is the full flower and the following two photos the Macro photographs

 This is a pink Callistemon in our garden
 and the flower of a Fire Sprite - looks like an insect

 Again this seems almost insect like, rather than part of a plant - what do you think?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sarah's venture into the world of photography

Granny has been encouraging Sarah to do some photography with her. She has lent Sarah her Fuji Finepix and these are some of her results - well done Sarah.

Keep up the great work young lady - you have talent - like Grandmother, Mother and Daughter

Monday, September 12, 2011

I love my new Canon

I love my new camera Canon 600D - I have been using point & shoot cameras for a while since my Konica Minolta started to age and I have become a lazy photographer.  For about 12 months I have lost interest in my photography and just clicked away when the need arose.  However, I decided to 'treat' myself a couple of weeks back and I just love my new camera.

This weekend away I had another chance to play - I must admit to still using the 'auto' settings - sorry Ian :) but, am going to try and be more adventurous over the next few weeks and months and move into manual mode - but for now here are some of my favourite shots.

Spotting something in the trees

Looking directly into the sunlight made bird spotting difficult

Ivan heard the noise and kept looking up

Our first clear view of a Crested Hawk

Then of course it flew

But, finally with some editing (zooming in only) - I managed to get this great photo

and another
 of course this wasn't the only bird we spotted.  These two little ones were also taken with my zoom lens and of course some zooming in on Photoshop Lightroom - not too bad at all...

This is Us!

Ivan and I celebrated 23 years together last week - it is not our wedding anniversary, but 23 years since our first date - it is a special time for us.

We had a few wonderful days away (despite both getting the flu) on the Sunshine Coast and I thought I would share a few photos.
My beautiful new beret that Ivan bought me in Finland - I wore it all weekend.

My Man - Ivan I love you!

River walks

A peaceful pool on the Obi Obi Creek at Gardiner Falls

My photography assistant

Taken from the boardwalk in Maleny - Obi Obi Creek

Sunset View of the Glasshouse Mountains - taken from Maleny

And the New Me - or the old Me - just showing my true colours

The Angel sitting on the Moon is a beautiful piece of Body Art (paint - not a tattoo yet :) ) - it was created by an amazing artist at the Eumundi Market called Kat from Katz Tatz - I loved the experience of having the piece done and her creation is wonderful - it will last about a week or two.  The best part was Sarah thinking it was permanent - what a giggle.

More photos of the birds and landscape to follow.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th

Ten years ago today I boarded a flight to Los Angeles International airport on my way to Salt Lake City. Ivan was over in the USA on business and I was joining him to assess whether we wanted to spend 12 months on secondment.  I was due to fly out on Sept 12th, but a proposed strike by the airline meant that I brought my flight forward by one day - hence the hand of fate that saw me fly into Los Angeles on September 11th.

It was my very first time in the US and I was alone - we landed at what Ivan had said was one of the busiest airports in the world and I wondered what he was talking about as there were no planes, no activity - it was quiet.  As we taxied in we were advised that we should remain seated - we would be towed in to the building.

Our Qantas plane was the last flight to land at LAX on that day - everyone else was already grounded or diverted. We were told nothing - it was only when we were in the terminal being directed out as quickly as possible that we began hearing what had happened on the East coast. 

I was stranded in LA for 2 days - American Airlines were wonderful, putting me up in a hotel, providing me with food vouchers and keeping us informed.

I finally boarded a Greyhound bus for Las Vegas and Salt Lake City and 3 days after landing saw my beautiful husband waiting open arms for me.

So today 10 years later, I will once more acknowledge this fateful day. Along with many people my heart goes out to those who lost their lives and the families who are left behind.

Remeber September 11th today/tomorrow.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Father's Day (in Australia)

Australia celebrates Father's Day in September instead of June, so today the children enjoyed some time with Ivan.

Father and Son

Elizabeth and her Dad

And of course Sarah giving Daddy a cuddle
 A family game of cards resulted in Daddy winning - which was perfect.
 And to my own Dad - Happy Father's Day