Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th

Ten years ago today I boarded a flight to Los Angeles International airport on my way to Salt Lake City. Ivan was over in the USA on business and I was joining him to assess whether we wanted to spend 12 months on secondment.  I was due to fly out on Sept 12th, but a proposed strike by the airline meant that I brought my flight forward by one day - hence the hand of fate that saw me fly into Los Angeles on September 11th.

It was my very first time in the US and I was alone - we landed at what Ivan had said was one of the busiest airports in the world and I wondered what he was talking about as there were no planes, no activity - it was quiet.  As we taxied in we were advised that we should remain seated - we would be towed in to the building.

Our Qantas plane was the last flight to land at LAX on that day - everyone else was already grounded or diverted. We were told nothing - it was only when we were in the terminal being directed out as quickly as possible that we began hearing what had happened on the East coast. 

I was stranded in LA for 2 days - American Airlines were wonderful, putting me up in a hotel, providing me with food vouchers and keeping us informed.

I finally boarded a Greyhound bus for Las Vegas and Salt Lake City and 3 days after landing saw my beautiful husband waiting open arms for me.

So today 10 years later, I will once more acknowledge this fateful day. Along with many people my heart goes out to those who lost their lives and the families who are left behind.

Remeber September 11th today/tomorrow.


Mom said...

Yes it was a day that will stay in our minds forever, thanks be to God that he kept you safe. Mom & Dad

Julie said...

Chelvan and I were just talking about this...very surreal wasn't it? Lots of stress those few days that's for sure. It was really great when you finally arrived!!

Dorothy said...

Julie it would have been unbearable if we did not have you on the other side of the telephone giving us lots of hope and then joy once we knew Beverly was safe.

darlin said...

Wow, what were the chances of you being in the States on this fateful day? It's so tragic what transpired but thank God you and your husband were untouched.