Monday, September 12, 2011

I love my new Canon

I love my new camera Canon 600D - I have been using point & shoot cameras for a while since my Konica Minolta started to age and I have become a lazy photographer.  For about 12 months I have lost interest in my photography and just clicked away when the need arose.  However, I decided to 'treat' myself a couple of weeks back and I just love my new camera.

This weekend away I had another chance to play - I must admit to still using the 'auto' settings - sorry Ian :) but, am going to try and be more adventurous over the next few weeks and months and move into manual mode - but for now here are some of my favourite shots.

Spotting something in the trees

Looking directly into the sunlight made bird spotting difficult

Ivan heard the noise and kept looking up

Our first clear view of a Crested Hawk

Then of course it flew

But, finally with some editing (zooming in only) - I managed to get this great photo

and another
 of course this wasn't the only bird we spotted.  These two little ones were also taken with my zoom lens and of course some zooming in on Photoshop Lightroom - not too bad at all...


Mom said...

Wow Beverly, well done, never mind what editing you need to do, as long as you are happy with the result. You are doing some beautiful photos, well done. Your little girl has a talent as well so keep encouraging her as much as you can.

darlin said...

That's awesome you got a new camera Beverly and you deserve to spoil yourself after all the hard work you've put in! The photos are amazing, now you're going to really have tons of fun, there's so much you can do with DSLRs. I LOVE my Canon!

Enjoy your week.