Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What to say when you have nothing to say

I have logged onto Vesta a couple of times this week and wondered what I should write about - and then logged off again. Why?  Well, because I didn't know what to say.

So here I am talking about 'nothing'.

Our family is suffering from a virus - not sure what - we are all washed out, tired and feeling run down.
I have been busy taking children to appointments for doctors, dentists and other appointments.
I have been scrolling through photos for the Ipswich photo competition which closes on Friday and have finally submitted all Sarah and my entrants - here is a photo of my final entrant - and yes these colours are real.

I hope that we make the finals at least in some of our entrants - that way we will be invited to the Award night on Wed 26th October - and get to see the winners announced. It will be great, especially for Sarah, who has really taken the time to use Mom's camera and learn a little about photography.

Other than that - the days are warming up and we are enjoying the beginning of summer.
Sarah is already enjoying the pool - floating more than swimming, but has been brave enough to get wet a few times.

Don't splash me!
So that is my catch-up for today.


Ian Weatherburn said...

Wow! Love you photo's of the Rainbow Lorikeets! Well done and good luck! :)

Beverly said...

Thanks Ian - I have entered quite a few photos as you have seen, I really just would love an invite to the awards night and even more exciting would be to have Sarah win an award. She has loved using Mom's fiji finepix

darlin said...

The photo of the birds if amazing, if you don't qualify there's something just not quite right there. I love the color, the dof and your perspective, amazing photo Beverly!

Wow swimming, and here I just had a new furnace installed today in preparation for our upcoming winter! I sure hope I get this placement and get to come to experience your beautiful country!

Have a wonderful day and all the best to you with this competition. I hope everyone is feeling much better and soon!

Mom said...

Am also hoping you or Sarah win something. All entrants will be invited to the Awards night, so pencil it into your diary for Wednesday 26th. Looking forward to going with you both.