Friday, September 23, 2011

My Space & My View

 This is the view from my study window - outside is a full flowering Jasmine Creeper and Lavender, as well as a rose garden, which Ivan planted specially for me.

 And Now Here is the reason for this post . . .

I have my space - a new desk, chosen by me; for me; and will be decorated by me.  It was delivered just this morning and it is lovely.  I still have lots of things to sort out in the study, but I am going to create my space.  The space where I write my books, do my blog, photos and scrapbooking and have time for me.  So I thought I would share it with you all.
My new desk

Raven - a guiding light who looks over me as I write

My technology side, closest to the door, but away from the window

Fairies hanging above me, to bless this space and Sarah's sign which she painted for me - it reads "You find true bliss by doing what you love"
Now how could a day be any more perfect than this.

So next time you read a blog post from Vesta you will be able to imagine me sitting at my 'new' desk typing to you.

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darlin said...

As I mentioned on fb your new desk is beautiful, I LOVE it and your space is fantastic. I love how you've created your own personal space and decorated it to your liking. I feel that we all need our space in our busy hectic lives, a time out place where we can do what we love to do. I know it helps keep me sane sometimes, other times my space drives me insane though. Like tonight, there's books strewn all over and it's a huge mess but such is life, I might as well get used to it, this won't end until mid December now!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your space!