Sunday, September 25, 2011


My muse has hair that’s gold and white. It is as soft as silk
Even though she loves it, I will not feed her milk
She purrs and watches as I type; her golden eyes they glow
Every time I stop and play, a game of catch and throw

Her name is Cleopatra, after the great Egyptian Queen
And I have to say that like her; Cleo loves to primp and preen
Her stately gait and manner, is distant and aloof
Even when she climbs the walls, to get up on the roof

My muse helps me write my books. Or maybe not at all
As she chases, my cursor, and the mouse across the wall
Typing fingers fascinate, my muse - who is my cat
Don’t eat the power cords! – Skat - Cat – Skat!

1 comment:

darlin said...

Fantastic shots and amazing writing. I really enjoyed this one!