Friday, September 16, 2011

Experimental photography

With the upcoming Ipswich photographic competition, I have been inspired to try my hand at various types of photography and one of the categories is Macro Flora - so here are some examples of some of the beautiful flowers in our garden - a little close up.

This is the full flower and the following two photos the Macro photographs

 This is a pink Callistemon in our garden
 and the flower of a Fire Sprite - looks like an insect

 Again this seems almost insect like, rather than part of a plant - what do you think?

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darlin said...

Your shots are very pretty, I love taking shots of flowers. What I use is a macro filter, you can get them from Amazon for cheap vs. buying a macro lens. I also tried an extender for the lens to do some close ups, a cheaper route than purchasing a macro lens and I LOVED the results. I want to get a macro lens eventually but all in good time.

The things we can see with the close up lens are amazing, like you mentioned the Fire Sprite looks like an insect, that it does.

Have a great day!