Thursday, September 29, 2011

Catching up on cleaning and paperwork

Today was cleaning day - it is wonderful to have children that are willing and able to help.  We tidied up and then I sorted out paperwork - a chore I dislike, but that needs doing.  I am a bit fussy and pedantic about it, but that is years of working in the bank - where I learnt to file and keep receipts.

My study is looking more and more special and today my new Creative Memories Everyday Display arrived.  This is a great magnetic board in stylish black on which I can hang up photos, my oracle cards, or just special things. I am going to buy a few more magnets, but this is just lovely. I know I am going to make lots of use of it.

So my study is now tidy, the accounts sorted, but not filed. My bedroom dusted, tidied, rearranged and feeling fresh and filled with lovely yellow roses my beautiful children bought me yesterday.  Life is good.

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