Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last day

Today is a special day for Elizabeth - it is her last day of lectures as an undergraduate student.   She will graduate on July 20th, but today is her last actual day.  She has one more 2000 word essay to write and submit, but otherwise it is all 'in the bag'.

A big photo smile for Mum - eating breakfast before Dad takes you to university - a time to chat together.
Then of course . . . she begins again . . . she has signed up to do her Honours degree in English Literature.

Well done Elizabeth - you are an amazing young woman and we are so proud of you.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On its way

Today I sent off my book to the publishers - I will get an initial response in 3-5 business days - confirming workability, plagarism etc. Then they will begin work on the book itself.

So excited - just 7 months since I signed the contract with Balboa Press and despite many moments of doubt - it is about to all be official.

Monday, May 28, 2012

It is Official

Our Sarah is going to be a Model.

Today I spoke to Bettina Modelling and they gave me the feedback on Sarah's interview - they were so impressed with her maturity and beautiful conversation and presentation skills. She also impressed them with her natural confidence.  They love her height (suggested cat-walk modelling); her stunning red-hair and blue eyes.  So it is official. She will be on their books.

We need to book a photo-shoot for her as soon as her toes are healed and then they will list her onto the books and we will wait, hope and pray for some work for her.

I am so proud of her. Not only for this, but also the amazing way she is handling the pain associated with her toe surgery.  Having had the operation myself (I know how painful it is), she is wonderful, coping with the discomfit and inactivity with such a strong sense of calm and purpose. Well done beautiful girl.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Flowers and Fur

Last year I bought Ivan and Mum some flowering Poinsettas - by mistake I gave Mum the white and pink one and she loved it - it was supposed to be Ivan's and he has made a joke about it ever since.  Yesterday Mum, bought two new plants for me to give Ivan - he was thrilled. So this afternoon he planted them in lovely pots outside the front door.

Elizabeth admiring the new plants

 Ivan also decided that the hanging violets needed re-potting and trimming, so we tackled those - hope they grow as well as this in their new pots.

 Our large red poinsetta has not flowered yet this year, as it was in too much shade, so a move to the front is hopefully going to help.
 And now for the fur bit - I love my cat - she is such great company. While I am working at the computer, she normally lies on my desk, but as I am sleeping in the single bed in the study, while Sarah occupies our King-size bed for a few days, she has decided to come and join me.

Friday, May 25, 2012

All set up for recovery

A couple more photos - Sarah feeling a little better - tummy settled.
Matthew & Sarah both watching an episode of Bones - or should I say playing on DS & Ipad and watching

Peering over the bedcover support and DS

Look at what Mum & Dad bought me - a 3D Nintendo DS

And two cuddly toys - one from Granny & Grandad and the teddy from Mum & Dad.


Two very sore toes

Our Sarah had surgery on both her ingrown toenail today.  This is the very first time that she has been in hospital, so was very nervous and scared, but coped so amazingly well - I am so proud of you Sarah.

We arrived around 11.30am to be met by Emily - this was the lovely nurse who phoned last night for the pre-op check-in and ended up speaking to Sarah to reassure her about the day's events.  She told Sarah she would look after her and sure enough she did.  We did the Pre-op interview and then Sarah had the fun of dressing in 'hospital clothes' - a big gown, cap, booties and 'paper undies' - the worst of all, according to Sarah. 

We sat and waited until 1.30pm, but when they took her into pre-op, it was only moments before the anaesthetist came over and inserted the canula - then she was off to theatre. At 2.20pm Emily came out to tell me Sarah was out of surgery and in first-stage recovery and that she was going to see her.  She went and sat with Sarah and reassured her through her initial stress and fear as she came out of the anaesthetic, when Sarah had settled, she came out to tell me that she was fine.

By 2.45pm, Sarah was in Stage Two recovery and I was allowed back to see her.  She looked so sleepy and out of it, but had a big smile for me.  It took some time for her to really wake up, but once she did she was keen to get home. 

Lots of presents from Elizabeth, Matt, Mom and Dad, as well as Granny and Grandad helped, until the nausea and vomiting started - poor girl - obviously reacting to the anaesthetic.  But, now she is tucked up in my bed watching her favourite TV series 'Bones' with Matthew. 

Wishing you a speedy and painfree recovery my special girl - I am so proud at how well you coped and dealt with something so new and scary.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Past its use by date

Eight years ago when we returned to Brisbane from the USA we brought back a trampoline. The children had enjoyed the one they had in Salt Lake City and very soon began enjoying their new one, which we erected in the garden.

Over the past 8 years they have had many hours of fun and exercise, but during the past 12 months, our poor trampline has been looking a little sad.

Today Ivan and Matthew dismantled it and I am so glad that they did.  What appeared to be minor rust on the surface turned out to be dangerous and if they had used it, serious injury could have occured. So farewell to another stage in our children's lives.

The net came down fairly easily using scissors and a knife

then it was time to separate the springs from the mat - Matthew had a great idea to cut the mat which released the pressure

Trying to separate rusted parts

And underneath one of the main struts - oops - not safe

Tree roots versus 18-year-old boy

All done - time to rest

Now what can I plant in this big open space????

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Super Model - Super Girl

My beautiful Sarah is going to sign up with a modelling school to pursue her dream of acting.  They wanted a few photos, so we did a photo-shoot (I was the photographer) this morning at Colleges Crossing.  Here are a few of my favourites:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

When it is raining - smile at the rainbow

Dancing in puddles is such a joyous and beautiful thing to do, but one seldom done by adults.
I grew up in a place that had summer rain, heavy, warm, summer rain and one of our school rules, was that we were not allowed to walk home in our leather school shoes.  Now that may seem contrary to the idea of sensible ideas, but shoes were expensive and getting them soaked ruined them.  We took them off and walked home bare-foot splashing in puddles and enjoying the rain.  Raincoats were useless as the rain soon soaked us all. By the time we got home, our clothes and hair were plastered to our bodies, but our shoes were dry.

Tonight it is raining, a soft rain, interspersed with sunshine and rainbows. My memory is of playing in those puddles.

What are your puddles?


The washing machine has beeped, the dishes are calling, the flooring is crunchy with dirt and I am sitting at my desk in my study, with the window wide open breathing in the fresh-air and enjoying a moment of stillnes.

Tony O' Connor's 'Mariner' is playing in the background and I am at peace.  I am tired after a night where the cat decided to play rather than sleep and was feeling very grumpy when I woke up - apologies to my children, but I have just read a lovely article in Mindful Parenting on 7 ways to slow down and it brought me back to reality.

Tiredness is okay, so is it okay to be slow and grumpy.  A dear friend gave me this saying which I love - it highlights the need to remain present in today. 

If you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future - you are 'pissing' on today!

So I am taking the time to breathe and slow down and enjoy each moment of today.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Inspiration comes in many forms and yesterday my brother blew me away with his beautiful poem- (see post).

 I have also had the JOY of sharing a few days with an inpirational lady, my friend Darlene.  I met Darlene through her blog 'My Life for a year' and have followed her journey.  Getting to know someone who walks her talk and gives so willingly of her experiences and her knowledge is such a great blessing in my life.

When Darlene told me she was coming to Australia, I was so excited that we might meet in person and having her stay with me for the past few days has enriched my life.  Her genuine love and open kindness is such a gift to all and I know that as she journeys back to Canada, she will be embarking on a path that will bless and teach all that she comes into contact with.

Thank you to both of you (Ian, my brother and Darlene, my friend) for 'inspiring' me.

I have written a poem called 'Healing in Light' - it is in the form of a Ghazal (an old persian style of poetry, that has strict rules and forms, with repetition and rhyme. Also required at the end is a signature of the author - can you spot my last name Adair in the final couplet.)  Hope it inspires YOU!

Healing in Light
Stepping out of darkness, escaping the pain—healing in light
Wanting to know more, needing to gain—healing in light
Years of anger, years of hate, years of yearning, years to date
 Learning now with courage it’s time to abstain—healing in light

Fear will conquer all, in the darkness of the night, bring out the candle
Bring out the light, and face the mirror image of the refrain—healing in light
Sing out loud, sing off-key or in tune, sing a song, sing the rune
Hear the music, hear the spirit, sing and stay sane —healing in light

Ghosts of past will dissipate, you’ll learn to trust and love, flying high in Spirit
with Angels and with Doves. Faces marked with tearstain—healing in light
Add your dreams and wishes; air your goals out loud
Shout and call, complain and feign or—heal in light.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Talents is genetic

I am so proud to share the following.  My beautiful baby brother (yes Ian, you are still my baby brother, despite our age) - has written and posted the most amazing poem, (and photo).  He is so talented and artistic - his photography blows me away and when he shares his words; I stop still and listen to my heart.

Ian well done - I SEE you! . . . . And love you so much

Monday, May 14, 2012

Living not Blogging

Sorry I have not blogged again, but been too busy living.

Yesterday we celbrated Mother's day at home with the children, Mom and Dad and Darlene. It was such a relaxed day with a BBQ and an afternoon sleep - pure bliss.

Flowers and Caterpillars - a perfect Mother's Day present

Darlene had fun trying to get some photos of the birds.

Elizabeth spoilt me with a new Celtic Woman DVD - a favourite

My beautiful Sarah

Being enfolded in the arms of my son

Matt introduced me to 'Angry Birds' on my computer and I am hooked -  we spend ages together enjoying the levels, so he bought me the little birds

An Angel from Sarah

The beautiful man who made me a Mother

My Mom and Dad - I love you both

And my friend Darlene, sharing lots of laughter
What a great day.

Today (Monday) we are heading out to the city on the RiverCat - it is blue skies and sunshine, so hopefully some beautiful photos for tomorrow.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I love music

I am not a fan of music in the way that many people are. I never know who is singing, to what genre it belongs, what movie it came from or when it was produced. I just like it.

So what type of music do I like?

Almost everything.  I love classical, instrumental, choral, opera, rock, jazz, pop, new-age, musicals and country. If I have left anything out, I probably just forgot.

I was recently introduced to a wonderful new album by 'The Piano Guys' :  These guys are from St George in Utah, a place in the USA that I visited during my 3 years living in Salt Lake City. This place is my spiritual home and so it was easy to make the connection.  I have bought their album off Itunes and love listening to it as a sleep playlist, for inspirational writing, to get away from everything and just to be happy.

Check them out - they are amazing!

The Creators update

An additional 5000 words written last night. Ivan edited my book and made some impressive and startling revelations: so another whole scene/chapters have been written.

Book is now growing into a more fully developed novel, rather than what it began as 3 years ago. So glad I have waited so long to publish it.

Thanks Elizabeth and Ivan for your input.

Sorry to all my fans who are waiting so patiently for the publication - I am working on it as quickly as I can.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bogging commitment

A Blog is a bit like a child - it needs attention.

I have been a bit neglectful of my child lately and as a result it is not really happy. All of its friends are sulking and have decided to head off and find new playmates. So thinking about it, I decided that it needed a bit of TLC.

Life has been busy - of course it has - when is life not busy.  I have been paying attention to household chores, family issues, and all the boring stuff which of course means that the wonderful life-inspiring things like writing and blogging have taken a back seat.

So here is a little something to share:

I am currently reading five books:

Jack Canfield: 'The Success Principals' - inspiring and funny, thoughtful and thought-provoking
Sonia Choquette: 'The Intuitive Spark' - a great book on helping you live with Intuition
The Cambridge Introduciton to Jane Austen - I am doing a course next semester on Jane at University
George R.R. Martin: 'A Clash of Kings' - Book 2 of Game of Thrones

and I am just starting George Orwell: 'Nineteen Eighty-four' (Matthew's set book for English)

Now why would anyone read so many books at once. Well, I love reading and having such an inspirational variety to choose from means that whatever my moment is, I have a selection to delve into.

and of course I am writing:  Editing book one and doing re-writes (almost complete)

Writing short stories for oracle cards

Writing articles for friends

and now back to writing for my Blog

So that is where I am at and of course I am enjoying our delightful late Autumn / early Winter weather of cold mornings and clear blue skies - heaven and bliss.

Oh yes, and the buzzer on the washing machine has just called, so have to head off and hang up the washing.

Last thought to share - my stats have just shown that I have had over 10 000 page views - wow! Thank you all!