Thursday, May 10, 2012

I love music

I am not a fan of music in the way that many people are. I never know who is singing, to what genre it belongs, what movie it came from or when it was produced. I just like it.

So what type of music do I like?

Almost everything.  I love classical, instrumental, choral, opera, rock, jazz, pop, new-age, musicals and country. If I have left anything out, I probably just forgot.

I was recently introduced to a wonderful new album by 'The Piano Guys' :  These guys are from St George in Utah, a place in the USA that I visited during my 3 years living in Salt Lake City. This place is my spiritual home and so it was easy to make the connection.  I have bought their album off Itunes and love listening to it as a sleep playlist, for inspirational writing, to get away from everything and just to be happy.

Check them out - they are amazing!


Ian Weatherburn said...

Glad you liked them Beverly. I certainly get inspiration from them as often as they release something (and of course depression just watching their talent).
As you know they are on
and Youtube:

Ian Weatherburn said...

They just in fact uploaded a new video.
Christina Perri - A Thousand Years (