Monday, May 14, 2012

Living not Blogging

Sorry I have not blogged again, but been too busy living.

Yesterday we celbrated Mother's day at home with the children, Mom and Dad and Darlene. It was such a relaxed day with a BBQ and an afternoon sleep - pure bliss.

Flowers and Caterpillars - a perfect Mother's Day present

Darlene had fun trying to get some photos of the birds.

Elizabeth spoilt me with a new Celtic Woman DVD - a favourite

My beautiful Sarah

Being enfolded in the arms of my son

Matt introduced me to 'Angry Birds' on my computer and I am hooked -  we spend ages together enjoying the levels, so he bought me the little birds

An Angel from Sarah

The beautiful man who made me a Mother

My Mom and Dad - I love you both

And my friend Darlene, sharing lots of laughter
What a great day.

Today (Monday) we are heading out to the city on the RiverCat - it is blue skies and sunshine, so hopefully some beautiful photos for tomorrow.


Mom said...

A good time was had by all, thanks for the lovely presents.

darlin said...

Beverly you have such a wonderful family, thank you for sharing your Mother's Day with me and thank you for the wonderful gift. I'll take photos when I read the book back home and am thinking of you and our time we're spending together.

Dorothy you're as beautiful as I'd imagined you to be! Thank you as well for the wonderful gift... I'm getting spoiled here, be careful I may not go home! lol

Have a beautiful day ladies and thank you both once again!

Cheers... from your office Beverly. ;-)