Thursday, May 17, 2012


The washing machine has beeped, the dishes are calling, the flooring is crunchy with dirt and I am sitting at my desk in my study, with the window wide open breathing in the fresh-air and enjoying a moment of stillnes.

Tony O' Connor's 'Mariner' is playing in the background and I am at peace.  I am tired after a night where the cat decided to play rather than sleep and was feeling very grumpy when I woke up - apologies to my children, but I have just read a lovely article in Mindful Parenting on 7 ways to slow down and it brought me back to reality.

Tiredness is okay, so is it okay to be slow and grumpy.  A dear friend gave me this saying which I love - it highlights the need to remain present in today. 

If you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future - you are 'pissing' on today!

So I am taking the time to breathe and slow down and enjoy each moment of today.

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darlin said...

LOL you got it! Take time to stop and breathe, enjoy life, it's not about how fast we get chores done... they don't go away as we're well aware of. :-)