Saturday, May 26, 2012

Flowers and Fur

Last year I bought Ivan and Mum some flowering Poinsettas - by mistake I gave Mum the white and pink one and she loved it - it was supposed to be Ivan's and he has made a joke about it ever since.  Yesterday Mum, bought two new plants for me to give Ivan - he was thrilled. So this afternoon he planted them in lovely pots outside the front door.

Elizabeth admiring the new plants

 Ivan also decided that the hanging violets needed re-potting and trimming, so we tackled those - hope they grow as well as this in their new pots.

 Our large red poinsetta has not flowered yet this year, as it was in too much shade, so a move to the front is hopefully going to help.
 And now for the fur bit - I love my cat - she is such great company. While I am working at the computer, she normally lies on my desk, but as I am sleeping in the single bed in the study, while Sarah occupies our King-size bed for a few days, she has decided to come and join me.


Mom said...

Cleo sure loves you, I notice when I am up there, she always navigates her way to you, at least she keeps you company in your lovely room.

Mark Tullett said...

Lovely plant, and cat pictures Beverly. as you probably know I love both gardening and cats and have enjoyed reading about your efforts. Thank you.