Friday, May 25, 2012


Two very sore toes

Our Sarah had surgery on both her ingrown toenail today.  This is the very first time that she has been in hospital, so was very nervous and scared, but coped so amazingly well - I am so proud of you Sarah.

We arrived around 11.30am to be met by Emily - this was the lovely nurse who phoned last night for the pre-op check-in and ended up speaking to Sarah to reassure her about the day's events.  She told Sarah she would look after her and sure enough she did.  We did the Pre-op interview and then Sarah had the fun of dressing in 'hospital clothes' - a big gown, cap, booties and 'paper undies' - the worst of all, according to Sarah. 

We sat and waited until 1.30pm, but when they took her into pre-op, it was only moments before the anaesthetist came over and inserted the canula - then she was off to theatre. At 2.20pm Emily came out to tell me Sarah was out of surgery and in first-stage recovery and that she was going to see her.  She went and sat with Sarah and reassured her through her initial stress and fear as she came out of the anaesthetic, when Sarah had settled, she came out to tell me that she was fine.

By 2.45pm, Sarah was in Stage Two recovery and I was allowed back to see her.  She looked so sleepy and out of it, but had a big smile for me.  It took some time for her to really wake up, but once she did she was keen to get home. 

Lots of presents from Elizabeth, Matt, Mom and Dad, as well as Granny and Grandad helped, until the nausea and vomiting started - poor girl - obviously reacting to the anaesthetic.  But, now she is tucked up in my bed watching her favourite TV series 'Bones' with Matthew. 

Wishing you a speedy and painfree recovery my special girl - I am so proud at how well you coped and dealt with something so new and scary.

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