Saturday, June 30, 2012

Decisions and heartache

Since the puppies have arrived it has been quite exhausting and a trial.  Finding out that Crystal was deaf and then having a week of rain - has really hampered our training and settling in schedule.  The puppies turned from a joyous event into a nightmare and for the past few days we have been contemplating selling/donating them - anything in fact to having them out of the house.

Lots of tears, discussions, research, phone-calls etc have led us to change our minds a number of times. 

The sunshine of yesterday and today have certainly helped highlight the idea of keeping them and a talk to a local pet shop owner about purchasing Lucy (who can hear) made me realise that I don't want to get rid of them.

I know I am in for hell for the next three to six months.  It is going to be a challenge.  We can train Crystal - hard work and lots of effort, but she is already proving that she is trainable.  Both are totally loving, so decision made.

Lucy and Crystal are part of the family - for better or for worse.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rain and Wet puppies

Our puppies don't like the rain - so getting them to go outside for toilet business has been fun.  And as far as playing - well forget it.

This morning it is still very wet outside but not raining at the moment - so hopefully they will get some outside time on the damp, muddy patio. 

 Lucy sitting outside amongst all the shoes that she has collected - hoping I won't notice her.
Cuteness factor is all that saves them at times - but we love them.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Over 5 years ago I injured my shoulder at the gym - I knew that exercise was dangerous. .....

Over this period I have suffered from on-going, intermittent shoulder pain; but a few months ago it began to get worse.  I had an ultra-sound which showed a bursa (fluid-filled sack), then a cortisone injection to relieve the inflamation - a little relief; but it came back.

A couple of weeks ago after nights of not sleeping - I had an MRI - and discovered a 'bursal tear' - very unusual. 

I have tried to get into see a good local orthopaedic surgeon, but the earliest appointment is in September; so today as a temporary measure - I have seen the physiotherapist.

Now I feel like a MUMMY - not a Mommy! 

All strapped up - and hoping for some relief.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Matthew's Grade 12 Formal

Last night Matthew celebrated his Year 12 Formal

He was amazing - working all day until 5pm and then coming home, diving in the shower and heading out the door after a few family photos.  He looked so smart in his suit.

Looking good and feeling great

Sisters in the act

A great family photo - note the height range

Our Son

Granny, Matthew and Grandad

I love this photo of my beautiful Son and Me

And the Boys
It was a wonderful night for Matt and his friends to celebrate the hard work of the last 12 years and to start off the final push to graduation.

And at the end of a long night of celebration and dancing - a very tired young man emerged.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fashion Decision Time

Sarah has her modelling photo shoot on Thursday - she has a number of outfits that she likes.  It is going to be shot against a light background and they have suggested bright colours. 

These are a couple of her choices - obviously make-up etc for the day.  Let us know your opinions.

Sarah's favourite

Hip & Cool

A little more conservative
So what do you all think?

Puppies for sale

Anyone want a couple of very naughty, cheeky, adorable puppies?

I had forgotten just how difficult having new puppies was.

The last couple of days, these two have turned into monsters. They have taken to playing outside and peeing inside.  I tried to buy puppy pee-pads which they promptly turned into a great tug-of-war game and ripped the whole thing to shreds.  Their towel which is for sleeping on, is great for peeing on and they both are 'horrible'.

Sunday night was hell - I was up at 10pm, 12 midnight, 3am and 5am - not only that but I slid along the patio in a pile of fresh puppy poo - the grass was too wet!  Luckily I had slops/thongs on my feet, otherwise the 'F-Word' would have turned into murder. 

Daylight however, did rescue them both as well as the return of Ivan, who gave me an hour's sleep in the afternoon. 

Last night was much better, awake once at midnight and having Ivan outside with me to give me a hand and a cuddle, made it easier, and then a 5am wake-up.

So if you are thinking of a puppy (Ian and Wendy) remember week 3 is worse than week 1 or 2.  The novelty is wearing off and the tiredness setting in. 

So ... do I want to get rid of them ... not at the moment ... but who knows how I will feel at midnight tonight.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Walking for health

I am overweight - not badly, but enough that I am frustrated and need to do something about this.  The problem is that I am also very lazy and love Junk Food!

I have been suffering with a damaged left foot for over two years, first it started as planter facitis and then shin splints and is still sore.  I have seen podiatrists and a sports medicine specialist, but am still struggling, so am now about to see someone else.

But ... and this is the problem - it is a great excuse not to walk or exercise, because basically I am allergic to both. 

Since I have been trying to lose weight, my scale numbers have increased instead of decreasing - I have become a yo-yo dieter.  Losing 5kg and then putting them back on and losing them and gaining them.  As a saying said:  "I keep losing weight, but it keeps finding me again."

Last night Elizabeth needed to get out of the house for a walk and so the two of us headed out for a 40 fast walk in the dark - it was wonderful - cold and brisk, but clear skies and stars. Just what we both needed.

Today she came and asked me to walk with her again - I didn't hesitate.  This time I took my camera and we made it into a beautiful walk to the river.  We live in Paradise, so enjoyed the warm sunshine and the push.  My feet still hurt, my shins ached and my thighs knew that I hadn't walked in months - but I am feeling better. 

Here are some of our lovely sights from today.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed my walk.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Creators - Balboa Press review

This morning my day began with a wonderful phonecall from Balboa Press and this amazing review - I am so excited. 

This is an intriguing and truly captivating work of young adult fiction. The author quickly establishes Sarah as an awkward social shut-out with special abilities that seem to keep her segregated from the rest of her peers. Even her teacher singles her out for rebuke. This, of course, will resonate easily with most young adults to some degree.

The plot is engaging and builds momentum as the story progresses. The author has interwoven Sarah’s personal development with that of her friendships. She’s even added elements of danger and mystery later in the book as Sarah becomes the focus of anonymous attacks. Some romance is evident as well, though not enough to isolate potential male readers of the target age group. All in all, the author has developed a plot line that is engaging on multiple levels and is sure to keep the audience entertained.

The author has put a lot into her book but has somehow managed to maintain a steady and continuously engaging pace. The reader is swept along through Sarah’s adventures without ever feeling strung along or bored. The author has employed short, succinct chapters, each with a single topic. This method not only allows the reader to gain ground in short reading spurts but also gives the reader a sense of making significant progress through the book. This is especially important in the young adult genre.

Another of this author’s strengths is character development. The author has developed a full cast of characters who, while some may have seemed flat at their introductions, become full, three-dimensional contributions to the story and to Sarah’s development. Dialogue and conversation seem somewhat forced at first but becomes very natural as the book develops.

I would advise the author to revise the manuscript, especially early dialogue and character introductions, with the same intimacy used to shape the characters. As the book progresses, characters develop speech and action patterns. They develop quirks that distinguish them from one another. Keeping these in mind throughout a revision could greatly improve the beginning of the book.

While unique, this story line has qualities akin to award-winning young adult novels. With diligence in editing and revision, this book would be primed to reach a wide passionate readership.

Monday, June 11, 2012

A lesson for listening to your Guides

Sonia Choquette teaches us all to listen to our Spirit (Inspirational Guides) and I try really hard to do just that - but I often mess up and today was one of those days:

This morning as I was getting ready to go to movies, I changed my earrings to my 'Diamond' ones - as I was putting on the backs of them - I noticed that they were very loose and my Spirit said - "Hey I think you might lose these, you need new backs. " I thought about the message and then decided I knew better.

A few hours later when I got home, I noticed one earring was missing. I was so sad as these were an 18th birthday present from my parents and I am now 48. My kids however, were devastated and began hunting immediately around the house. I told them not to worry, but they were determined 'in a way I hadn't seen before'.
Then Matthew called out that he had found the back of the earring in the boot/trunk of the car, the front was still missing. Both Elizabeth and Matthew searched our stone driveway diligently and we searched in the house, no luck. Elizabeth who had come to movies with me, suggested that I return to the car park at the movies as that was where I had taken off my bag and put it in the boot.

Despite, thinking (Ego talk) that it wouldn't be there - I followed their suggestion and with my Matthew we returned to the movies. The space where I had parked was empty and so was the spot next to it - a minute later, I spotted my earring. I was so thrilled, and then as I picked it up - a car drove into the spot where it had lain. Just a minute later and I wouldn't have seen it.

So thank you to my Spirit Guide, thank you to Sonia for the lessons I have learnt in the past and thanks kids for being so insistent that I go back and look for it.  I guess today was not the day for me to lose my earrings.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Action Girls

This morning the girls were all out for a play - Bella decided to chase the puppies around and around under the palm trees.

Come on Bella - let's play

 A game of chasing ensue, Bella chased the puppies and the puppies chased Bella - it was so funny. So despite the fact that I was freezing cold, I just giggled at their antics and joy.

Then it was time for a pose - I am the sweet little princess - you can see that by my face.
 But . . . turn your back and I will attack - Lucy is a kg heavier than Crystal, but the little one gives as good as she gets.

All three dogs needed their paws washing when they came in.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Need a day at home

Every day this week I have left home around 8am and not returned until around 3pm - been running errands for everyone - and I am tired.

I am a stay-at-home Mum for a reason. I like staying at home - this is my sanctuary.  I thought that when the children grew up a little I would have more peace and quiet time, but instead I am so involved in their lives that I am busy, busy, busy.

I am however, celebrating this time with them, as one day they will move onto their own lives and I will be complaining that I never see them.

Still tomorrow is going to be my 'at home day' - I am going to indulge in ME things - hopefully!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Another happy day

Sisters sleeping together - I am bigger so I will protect her.
 Matthew giving Bella some love, so she doesn't feel left out.

 Playtime - although Lucy is bigger, Crystal gives as good as she gets.

 Yes, I love you both.
 And you as well Abby
 Following Mummy Abby around
 Matthew having a pat

 And of course we have Puppy Posers - Miss Lucy looking serious and Miss Crystal looking cute.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day Two

Today has been a wonderful experience for Elizabeth and Lucy; Sarah and Crystal.  This morning I had to leave early - 6am; so the two girls took the puppies back to bed for a cuddle and all slept for another 2 hours.

They then spent the morning indulging in puppy bonding time. 

This afternoon we made up their indoor pen and also gave them a chance to explore the 'big' back garden. It was also fun to 'play' with the big dogs.

The Big and the Small

Abby is the perfect Mother Dog - she has been so gentle playing with the puppies, pushing them over and allowing them to jump at her. 
 Bella's face was so indignant when Lucy decided to head off with her ring - she was so surpsrised she didn't know what to do.

"Who are these rambunctious monsters that you brought home Mum?"

 We managed to create a pen for the puppies in the family room - this gives them place to play safely and will allow the girls to get some work done - instead of sitting with the dogs in their laps.
After a long play outside with the big dogs - it was time for a sleep.

I cannot explaint the JOY these two little bundles have brought to everyone in the house, not only Elizabeth and Sarah - Abby is in heaven and I think that even Bella will enjoy having little dogs to play with in due course.

Monday, June 4, 2012

And this is the reason

Sarah hates sleeping alone - so I guess the reason that Crystal had to come and live with us, is that one day soon, this is how she will sleep.

 That smile says it all - thank you Mom - for my beautiful puppy

 And our Elizabeth who lives her life with self-imposed rules - well even she succumbed to Lucy's love.
"Mom - Lucy is here to teach me that I can love and live without all the rules"

We have a bigger family

Today I added another couple of family members to our family.  We were in the shopping centre and in the pet store we spotted King Charles Cavalier Spaniels - this is the one breed that Elizabeth has always talked about getting when she had her own home.  Of course, it also just happens to be Sarah's favourite breed of dog.  There was a litter of 5 females and 2 males. 

We walked away, but came back twice and the second time had a chance to hold a few of them.  Elizabeth fell in love with Crystal immediately, but while holding her we noticed the friendliest dog of them all - Lucy.

So I was handed Crystal and Elizabeth took Lucy - it was love at first cuddle between these two girls and Elizabeth (the least impulsive of all my children) was lost.  So a few hours later, we brought home 2 puppies.

Mummy Elizabeth with Lucy

Mummy Sarah with Crystal

Crystal Adair

Lucy Adair

Matt and Ivan asking - which one of them is the 'Bitch?'
Estrogen really rules our home now - with three four dogs and a cat - so each of us has our own special animal.  Cleo - is my cat; Abby is Ivan's dog; Matt is loved by all, but Bella adores him and now Elizabeth has Lucy and Sarah has Crystal. 

OMG - what did we do?????