Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Over 5 years ago I injured my shoulder at the gym - I knew that exercise was dangerous. .....

Over this period I have suffered from on-going, intermittent shoulder pain; but a few months ago it began to get worse.  I had an ultra-sound which showed a bursa (fluid-filled sack), then a cortisone injection to relieve the inflamation - a little relief; but it came back.

A couple of weeks ago after nights of not sleeping - I had an MRI - and discovered a 'bursal tear' - very unusual. 

I have tried to get into see a good local orthopaedic surgeon, but the earliest appointment is in September; so today as a temporary measure - I have seen the physiotherapist.

Now I feel like a MUMMY - not a Mommy! 

All strapped up - and hoping for some relief.

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Ian Weatherburn said...

Ouch indeed. Shame Beverly sorry to see, hope you get better soon. I'm guessing that, that is not a shoulder to cry on? :D