Monday, June 4, 2012

We have a bigger family

Today I added another couple of family members to our family.  We were in the shopping centre and in the pet store we spotted King Charles Cavalier Spaniels - this is the one breed that Elizabeth has always talked about getting when she had her own home.  Of course, it also just happens to be Sarah's favourite breed of dog.  There was a litter of 5 females and 2 males. 

We walked away, but came back twice and the second time had a chance to hold a few of them.  Elizabeth fell in love with Crystal immediately, but while holding her we noticed the friendliest dog of them all - Lucy.

So I was handed Crystal and Elizabeth took Lucy - it was love at first cuddle between these two girls and Elizabeth (the least impulsive of all my children) was lost.  So a few hours later, we brought home 2 puppies.

Mummy Elizabeth with Lucy

Mummy Sarah with Crystal

Crystal Adair

Lucy Adair

Matt and Ivan asking - which one of them is the 'Bitch?'
Estrogen really rules our home now - with three four dogs and a cat - so each of us has our own special animal.  Cleo - is my cat; Abby is Ivan's dog; Matt is loved by all, but Bella adores him and now Elizabeth has Lucy and Sarah has Crystal. 

OMG - what did we do?????


Mom said...

Your question, is what did you do?, you had fun. The puppies are so very cute, so enjoy them. Am sure they will interact with all the family, hopefully Cleo as well. Enjoy a good night's sleep everyone, hmmmm it is so nice to have a little cottage down the garden. Good night.

Beverly said...

Sweet dreams Mom and Dad - check out my next post.

darlin said...

LOL, how could anyone say no to these adorable puppies? I love the look on Ivan and Matt's faces!