Monday, June 4, 2012

And this is the reason

Sarah hates sleeping alone - so I guess the reason that Crystal had to come and live with us, is that one day soon, this is how she will sleep.

 That smile says it all - thank you Mom - for my beautiful puppy

 And our Elizabeth who lives her life with self-imposed rules - well even she succumbed to Lucy's love.
"Mom - Lucy is here to teach me that I can love and live without all the rules"


Mom said...

There sure is no doubt that you did the right thing today, I pray that these little puppies will bring lots of joy, happiness and company to our two grandaughters.

Mark Tullett said...

Delightful- and if they're anything like ours they'll be teaching your family all manner of things

darlin said...

Beverly these photos speak volumes, the girls are in love and it's so plain to see. I can totally understand why!

It's awesome to see you're blogging on a regular basis again... welcome back. :-)