Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Creators - Balboa Press review

This morning my day began with a wonderful phonecall from Balboa Press and this amazing review - I am so excited. 

This is an intriguing and truly captivating work of young adult fiction. The author quickly establishes Sarah as an awkward social shut-out with special abilities that seem to keep her segregated from the rest of her peers. Even her teacher singles her out for rebuke. This, of course, will resonate easily with most young adults to some degree.

The plot is engaging and builds momentum as the story progresses. The author has interwoven Sarah’s personal development with that of her friendships. She’s even added elements of danger and mystery later in the book as Sarah becomes the focus of anonymous attacks. Some romance is evident as well, though not enough to isolate potential male readers of the target age group. All in all, the author has developed a plot line that is engaging on multiple levels and is sure to keep the audience entertained.

The author has put a lot into her book but has somehow managed to maintain a steady and continuously engaging pace. The reader is swept along through Sarah’s adventures without ever feeling strung along or bored. The author has employed short, succinct chapters, each with a single topic. This method not only allows the reader to gain ground in short reading spurts but also gives the reader a sense of making significant progress through the book. This is especially important in the young adult genre.

Another of this author’s strengths is character development. The author has developed a full cast of characters who, while some may have seemed flat at their introductions, become full, three-dimensional contributions to the story and to Sarah’s development. Dialogue and conversation seem somewhat forced at first but becomes very natural as the book develops.

I would advise the author to revise the manuscript, especially early dialogue and character introductions, with the same intimacy used to shape the characters. As the book progresses, characters develop speech and action patterns. They develop quirks that distinguish them from one another. Keeping these in mind throughout a revision could greatly improve the beginning of the book.

While unique, this story line has qualities akin to award-winning young adult novels. With diligence in editing and revision, this book would be primed to reach a wide passionate readership.


darlin said...

Bravo Beverly, well done! This is fantastic news!

... now to attempt this verification, it's really mumble jumbled this one, nope I'll try again! lol

Ian Weatherburn said...

Whoohoo!!! This is such amazing news and such great feedback. I have no doubt you are going to take the advice and put it to amazing use. You really have grown as an author over the few years so I'm sure some further editing will make this even more amazing. I'm really so excited to read this book to Michelle and Laura-Ashley - I just know they are going to love it immensely. Not sure we can wait much longer! :D Congratulations Beverly and may this positive feedback inspire you onto even bigger and better things, even outside of the world of the Creators Guild. Knowing you, you have a myriad of ideas running around in your head - but focus first on getting this done! We want to read it now. :) Love you and congrats!

Beverly said...

Thank you to you both for your support. Ian, I can't wait to send you a signed copy for your shelf and know that my two beautiful nieces will be hearing a story written by their Aunty Beverly

Julie said...

Beverly, my heart is SINGING for you! A huge dream come true and how appropiate was the card reading you did for yourself at the beginning of the year? "You are a writer" Oh! yes indeedy!

Mark Tullett said...

What fantastic news Beverly. May you go from strength to strength...

Michelle said...

Awesome! What a fabulous review - love the practical nature of the comments and suggestions for revisions.

CONGRATULATIONS! My friend, the Author!