Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Puppies for sale

Anyone want a couple of very naughty, cheeky, adorable puppies?

I had forgotten just how difficult having new puppies was.

The last couple of days, these two have turned into monsters. They have taken to playing outside and peeing inside.  I tried to buy puppy pee-pads which they promptly turned into a great tug-of-war game and ripped the whole thing to shreds.  Their towel which is for sleeping on, is great for peeing on and they both are 'horrible'.

Sunday night was hell - I was up at 10pm, 12 midnight, 3am and 5am - not only that but I slid along the patio in a pile of fresh puppy poo - the grass was too wet!  Luckily I had slops/thongs on my feet, otherwise the 'F-Word' would have turned into murder. 

Daylight however, did rescue them both as well as the return of Ivan, who gave me an hour's sleep in the afternoon. 

Last night was much better, awake once at midnight and having Ivan outside with me to give me a hand and a cuddle, made it easier, and then a 5am wake-up.

So if you are thinking of a puppy (Ian and Wendy) remember week 3 is worse than week 1 or 2.  The novelty is wearing off and the tiredness setting in. 

So ... do I want to get rid of them ... not at the moment ... but who knows how I will feel at midnight tonight.


darlin said...

Yikes, the honeymoon is officially over!

I was just looking at an adorable puppy and thinking that my Abbie might like to have company, thanks for bringing me to my senses!

I hope this stage passes quickly for you, wait a second, aren't these the girls puppies? Maybe it's time to start a schedule of who does what so that everybody has a share in this, this way you'd get some rest.

Take care and all the best with these little monsters, adorable little monsters.

I hope your week improves, cheers.

Mom said...

Hang in there, remember they are just like babies that need constant attention, although the poo usually stays in the nappies !!!. Sometimes not !!!