Thursday, June 14, 2012

Walking for health

I am overweight - not badly, but enough that I am frustrated and need to do something about this.  The problem is that I am also very lazy and love Junk Food!

I have been suffering with a damaged left foot for over two years, first it started as planter facitis and then shin splints and is still sore.  I have seen podiatrists and a sports medicine specialist, but am still struggling, so am now about to see someone else.

But ... and this is the problem - it is a great excuse not to walk or exercise, because basically I am allergic to both. 

Since I have been trying to lose weight, my scale numbers have increased instead of decreasing - I have become a yo-yo dieter.  Losing 5kg and then putting them back on and losing them and gaining them.  As a saying said:  "I keep losing weight, but it keeps finding me again."

Last night Elizabeth needed to get out of the house for a walk and so the two of us headed out for a 40 fast walk in the dark - it was wonderful - cold and brisk, but clear skies and stars. Just what we both needed.

Today she came and asked me to walk with her again - I didn't hesitate.  This time I took my camera and we made it into a beautiful walk to the river.  We live in Paradise, so enjoyed the warm sunshine and the push.  My feet still hurt, my shins ached and my thighs knew that I hadn't walked in months - but I am feeling better. 

Here are some of our lovely sights from today.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed my walk.


Ian Weatherburn said...

Love it! Especially 5033.jpg, such a beautiful landscape. Take you camera out more; oh yes - and walk more - rich coming from me I know. Thanks for sharing.

Davine said...

Oh Beverly I can really relate to your post - I always tell people that I allergic to jogging!! I am definately a gonna!!!

Mark Tullett said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying your walking, Beverly. It's one of my passions, as you may have guessed. I love your photos too. Keep at it and maybe we could walk together sometime in the flesh and not just virtually.

darlin said...

Beverly these are beautiful photos and what an excellent idea to take your camera out for a walk with you. It's always good to have someone who likes to walk living with you, now there's some fantastic incentive.

Good on ya! :-)