Saturday, June 2, 2012

The most talented man in the world

Not many people can claim that their Dad is the most gifted, talented man in the world but I happily can.  My Dad is amazing - he can do anything, but most of all his woodwork and woodcraft is of a standard of any master craftsman.

A couple of years ago, he made me bookcases for my study - there were supposed to be three sets, but as I had a cupboard in the room, he only made two, leaving the middle one for later.  Since doing some tidying up - I now had space and 'need' for the middle one.

He had previously cut all the pieces and over the past couple of weeks has put it together.  Today Ivan and he carried it up and we separated the two bookcases and slid it inbetween perfectly. Now the whole wall is covered with book shelves and don't they look amazing?

Thank you Dad - I am so proud of you - you are brilliant.

The middle case is wider, but matches perfectly

The two ends were originally pushed together, now they have been separated and an extra set put in the middle.


Mark Tullett said...

They look amazing Beverly -well done 'dad'- here we 'manage' with Ikea - but there's no replacement for such workmanship.

darlin said...

Wow, the shelves look stunning and your Dad is definitely extremely talented. Can you please let him know the offer still stands, free room and board for his handyman skills for as long as they'd like to come and stay over? :-)