Monday, June 4, 2012

Ouch and oh dear!

Friday - Sarah had her stitches out - surgeon was very happy - salt water soaks and betadine when wrapped up; but other than that just a week of no closed-in shoes.

 Her toes looked a little 'yucky' but not too bad at all, especially the left one.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning, we followed orders, but by Sunday afternoon - I was a little concerned about the right toe - it was looking infected and a bit red and stiff.  A call to the hospital resulted in a visit to the clinic and another course of antibiotics.  Nothing too serious, but an important decision to avoid any futher problems.  So another week at home for Sarah,

If you are queasy - skip the next photo and close the post - if not - here are her toes.

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Mom/Granny said...

So glad you took her through to the Hospical Clinic last night. I know that they are always concerned with hands and feet after surgery. Well done Sarah, you are being a very brave girl.