Saturday, January 28, 2012

Character photos

One of my favourite things to do in Disneyland is to have Character photos taken.

I love Disney characters and there is a magic that allows me to believe that these are the 'real thing'.

So here are a few great photos we had taken.

Tigger, Sarah and I - the wonderful thing about Tiggers is that there is only ONE!

Arial apologising to Sarah as she had to rush off to tea with the other Princesses.

Is it Chip or Dale?

Pooh Bear was so excited because I am wearing a Pooh Bear Fleece

Jesse and Woody a couple of favourites

And of course who can forget Eyore and Tigger

Another favourite Goofy

And Minnie Mouse - who on our last trip kissed Ivan - he was staying well away this time.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A little Magic

A Magic Proposal.

Standing in front of the Disneyland Castle reminds all of us adults that magic does exist – and for me this happened when I was on my recent trip to Disneyland.

We were standing watching the fireworks display and I had my trusty camera clicking away, capturing the magic of the moment; when I noticed a couple leaving the reserved seating area. I am not sure why they caught my attention, but magic was working.  I kept taking photos, while watching them as well, and there before me I saw him lean forward, whisper in her ear, and then get down on one knee. He was proposing! Her hands flew to her mouth and even from the distance I could sense the love. She nodded and he placed a ring on her finger and she threw herself into his arms.
Bottom right hand corner, he is whispering to her.
Down on one knee proposing - zoomed in photo

Later as we walked away from the show I noticed a couple standing together, wrapped in each other’s arms; what struck me was the distinctive hat, that the guy was wearing. I tapped them on the shoulder and asked if he had just proposed – he had! I congratulated them both and then he asked if I could take a photo of them with his phone. I tried, but it was too dark.

I knew then why I had witnessed this moment. I gave them my name and email address and offered to take some photos with my camera. I told them if they emailed me I would send them the photos on my return.

Yesterday as soon as I got home, an email was waiting. I downloaded the photos and the ones I had taken of them after the show had come out; but not only that – I had magically and unintentionally captured him proposing, while photographing the fireworks.  So I sent the photos through to the USA to a couple who this very Saturday are celebrating their wedding. Here is Epi’s reply:

Thank you so much beverly!

what a blessing you've been to capture an amazing moment in both of our lives. Thank you so much!


The magic of Disneyland, Tinkerbelle, a Castle and fireworks were all overwhelmed by the love between two special people and my joy at sharing a moment of their celebration.

We are back!

So we are back from our 2012 Disneyland and Fiji holiday and I am very happy to have slept in my own bed last night.

We have had an amazing trip - lots of adventures, great days of fun and even some scary moments.

Our trip started with a very civilised flight down to Sydney - we were travelling a rather circuitous route as we had paid for the entire trip using 'frequent flyer points' - so to get to Los Angeles we flew from Brisbane to Sydney; Sydney to Honolulu and then Honolulu to LAX.

With Ivan's membership we had lunch in the First class Qantas club and relaxed before our connection to Hawai. 

The Qantas plane however to Honolulu was horrible - it was older than Noah's Ark and was actually dirty, the toilets smelt even as we boarded and the seats were dirty and worn.  The plane wasn't full, but we couldn't sit together. Matt and Elizabeth had seats together and Ivan, Sarah and I had three seats. The leg room was so squashed and I must admit that it was one of the worst flights I have been on. Not a good start to the holiday.

We arrived however, safely in Honolulu and disembarked with no major issues - we were directed to the American Airlines terminal only to discover that it was empty - no one arrives until 2 hours before the flight and we were there 4 hours before it.  No facilities, no food, or drink available - so a hard stone bench and a wait - still we were in the fresh air and managed to get some water from a vending machine.  By this stage Sarah was feeling very upset and wanted to go back home.

Waiting in Hawaii
 The American Airlines staff were wonderful - they arranged for better seats (than those given to us by Qantas) and the airplane was clean and comfortable - what a relief.  Elizabeth who had been suffering with a cold prior to departure was not at all well by now, so it was a long flight.

We arrived in LAX and our bags were off really early, our shuttle arrived within 10 mins and we were off to Disneyland - normally an hour journey which we achieved in 40 mins (little traffic).  We arrived at the hotel and were all settled in our rooms by 11pm - It was just beautiful - 2 connecting rooms - 2 Queen beds. 

A good night's sleep helped and the following day we hit Downtown Disney - after having woken only at 1pm - the body clocks were completely out of sync.

 We spent the rest of the day shopping, exploring the hotel and had lunch at our favourite restaurant - Mimi's Cafe. The food was great.

So Day One was a complete day of relaxation - we were too tired to have a full day in the park and wanted to enjoy it when we did. 

Next installment to follow.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Cases packed

It is nearly time - only 2 sleeps to go and we are away on holiday.

We have managed to pack 3 cases for 5 of us for a 15 day holiday - I am so impressed with myself.
And . . . to make it even more impressive - one of the cases has a big dufflebag on wheels folded into the bottom of it.


Well, we are going to Disneyland of course and it is the best place to shop for souveniers. We always try very hard not to shop too much, but fail miserably, so this time we will have some space for those special friends who have to come home with us.

Lots of photos when I return and a story to share - so wishing you all a wonderful two weeks.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Family Fun

We have had a great week with the Canberra Cousins - it has been wonderful to have two such amazing young people in our home.

Today we did a little shopping and then had a walk in the Kholo Park Gardens - we had planned a visit to the rainforest but time got away from us, so we ventured closer to home.  It was just as much fun. Then we came home for a BBQ and a swim - it was lovely.

Dean hates having his photo taken so it was fun to snap a few shots of him.
Alana and Dean

Elizabeth and I

And Dean studiously ignoring the camera as I try to get him to smile for the camera.

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 and a 12 month layout

 My 12 month layout - Tonight I felt drawn to do a 12 month reading for the year ahead. The first card that I drew as the over-arching theme for the year is the one below - Writing.
Okay Angels - I get the message.

It is an interesting mix of messages that I have drawn, but all appear to follow a theme of sharing, teaching, and fulfilling all the goals and dreams that I want in my life - what an affirmation. The cards also all appear to be mostly focused on Creative and Healing arts - my passions. I feel so positive about the layout and the year ahead.

So here they are - all drawn from Doreen Virtue's Life Purpose Oracle Card Deck

January - Options
February - Creative Expression
March - Counseling
April - Children
May - Career Change
June - Heart's Desire
July - Healer
August - Infinite Abundance
September - Crystals
October - Leadership
November - Nutrition
December - Music

So the message for January is: Consider the career possibilites that are open to you.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve

The last night of 2011 - we celebrated with a family BBQ and some fun.

As part of our annual tradition - we have a height photo - it has always been a lovely way to record the children's growth over the years.  Now I am way out in front.

A family photo at the end of 2011

Sarah teaching Granny to do the Nutbush dance

A photo with Mum and Dad
 Then it was time for sparklers - the children enjoyed the lights and I got some great photos.

In this photo Sarah appears to have the most amazing wings