Friday, January 27, 2012

A little Magic

A Magic Proposal.

Standing in front of the Disneyland Castle reminds all of us adults that magic does exist – and for me this happened when I was on my recent trip to Disneyland.

We were standing watching the fireworks display and I had my trusty camera clicking away, capturing the magic of the moment; when I noticed a couple leaving the reserved seating area. I am not sure why they caught my attention, but magic was working.  I kept taking photos, while watching them as well, and there before me I saw him lean forward, whisper in her ear, and then get down on one knee. He was proposing! Her hands flew to her mouth and even from the distance I could sense the love. She nodded and he placed a ring on her finger and she threw herself into his arms.
Bottom right hand corner, he is whispering to her.
Down on one knee proposing - zoomed in photo

Later as we walked away from the show I noticed a couple standing together, wrapped in each other’s arms; what struck me was the distinctive hat, that the guy was wearing. I tapped them on the shoulder and asked if he had just proposed – he had! I congratulated them both and then he asked if I could take a photo of them with his phone. I tried, but it was too dark.

I knew then why I had witnessed this moment. I gave them my name and email address and offered to take some photos with my camera. I told them if they emailed me I would send them the photos on my return.

Yesterday as soon as I got home, an email was waiting. I downloaded the photos and the ones I had taken of them after the show had come out; but not only that – I had magically and unintentionally captured him proposing, while photographing the fireworks.  So I sent the photos through to the USA to a couple who this very Saturday are celebrating their wedding. Here is Epi’s reply:

Thank you so much beverly!

what a blessing you've been to capture an amazing moment in both of our lives. Thank you so much!


The magic of Disneyland, Tinkerbelle, a Castle and fireworks were all overwhelmed by the love between two special people and my joy at sharing a moment of their celebration.

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Julie said...

Well that's just wonderful! What an AWESOME thing you managed to capture. Well done! Glad you had such a great time in La La Land!