Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Eve

The last night of 2011 - we celebrated with a family BBQ and some fun.

As part of our annual tradition - we have a height photo - it has always been a lovely way to record the children's growth over the years.  Now I am way out in front.

A family photo at the end of 2011

Sarah teaching Granny to do the Nutbush dance

A photo with Mum and Dad
 Then it was time for sparklers - the children enjoyed the lights and I got some great photos.

In this photo Sarah appears to have the most amazing wings


Michelle said...

Gorgeous! Every year I think the same thought: Is Beverly shrinking? :)

Love that you share this photo each year, Beverly!

Also really liked Sarah's 'wings'.

Happy New Year!

diane b said...

Great family fun on New Years Eve. The how tall photo is a good idea. I think you have got left behind.