Thursday, January 5, 2012

Family Fun

We have had a great week with the Canberra Cousins - it has been wonderful to have two such amazing young people in our home.

Today we did a little shopping and then had a walk in the Kholo Park Gardens - we had planned a visit to the rainforest but time got away from us, so we ventured closer to home.  It was just as much fun. Then we came home for a BBQ and a swim - it was lovely.

Dean hates having his photo taken so it was fun to snap a few shots of him.
Alana and Dean

Elizabeth and I

And Dean studiously ignoring the camera as I try to get him to smile for the camera.


Mom said...

Lovely photos, Dear looks a lot like Matthew, definitely an Adair.

darlin said...

That's awesome you have family visiting, how long will you have company for?