Monday, January 9, 2012

Cases packed

It is nearly time - only 2 sleeps to go and we are away on holiday.

We have managed to pack 3 cases for 5 of us for a 15 day holiday - I am so impressed with myself.
And . . . to make it even more impressive - one of the cases has a big dufflebag on wheels folded into the bottom of it.


Well, we are going to Disneyland of course and it is the best place to shop for souveniers. We always try very hard not to shop too much, but fail miserably, so this time we will have some space for those special friends who have to come home with us.

Lots of photos when I return and a story to share - so wishing you all a wonderful two weeks.


Julie said...

So excited for you!! I know you guys will have a wonderful time! Ride Indiana Jones for me!

Mom said...

Can I carry your cases for you, or even get into one. !!!!

darlin said...

Have a wonderful trip Beverly! Smart thinking to pack that duffle bag, hmmmm now you're giving me ideas for my trip! I'll be looking forward to the photos!

Beverly said...

Thanks everyone - will do so Julie.

Mark Tullett said...

Have a great time. I'm looking forward to seeing the photos when you're back.

wheatgerm said...

good packin