Saturday, December 31, 2011

Farewell 2011

What a year it has been:

A year that started in floods, then a trip to Disneyland to celebrate Elizabeth's 21st birthday. A year of renovations, house improvements and health issues.

A year where our youngest child became a teenager and our oldest became an adult.

This year has been strange - it feels as though it has been a bad year, but in fact it has been an amazing year.

I have published my second book of poetry, received an honourable mention in a photographic competition; learnt to lay floors, build and paint walls and have written my third novel. 

I have a book contract to publish my first novel in 2012 and all of my family are alive and well.  We all have our health, despite minor issues that have cropped up and been resolved, and I am blessed to have the amazing life that I live

So tonight as the year winds down - here are my blessings:

My beautiful husband Ivan - who I love more than I did 23 years ago (not that I thought that possible)
My three amazing children - Elizabeth, Matthew and Sarah - I love you all and am so proud of you.
My parents Dorothy and Brian - who are still young at heart and so full of energy that they amaze me every day - I love you Mom and Dad
The rest of my family - my brother and all my in-laws and nieces and nephew - I wish you all a wonderful 2012.

To my friends (you all know who you are) scattered around the country and the world - thank you for your friendship, for your time that you share with me and for the things we have shared together.

And as this year closes I thank God for my life.

2012 - here I come - watch out!


Chloelols@life said...

What Kind of books do you write?

Beverly said...

Chloe - I write both poetry and also am about to publish my first young adult fantasy novel - it is a book of the power of 'being different'