Thursday, December 8, 2011

Away for so long!

Hi everyone,

I have been away from my Blog for so long that it signed me out and I needed to remember my password to sign back in - now that was a challenge.

So here I am finally back blogging:

I can breathe - it is so exciting and such a blessing.  In fact I am beginning to feel well again.  Have woken this morning after a full night's sleep, well almost and feeling a lot more refreshed.  Don't feel that every breath I take is accompanied by the need to cough.

So what to do today - well I could just rush back into my life full speed or I could be sensible and enjoy the lessons I have learnt from the last couple of weeks and that is to take life slowly, enjoying the experience.

I have really taken this lesson on board and am loving the slower pace of this December - spending real time with the children, playing games, doing baking together and loving life.

So I have scattered lawn fertiliser over the back garden in the gentle soft-soaking rain - what bliss - and I didn't cough.  Dressed up in a warm tracksuit afterwards - yes it is summer, but yesterday was our coldest December day since 1888, so track pants and top it is, and am now contemplating some serious digital scrapbooking and relaxation.

What a blessed life I lead.


darlin said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better, good idea not to over-exert yourself as well. I have yet to start my baking, today was my last day in class, now a few finals and hopefully some time to make Christmas come together in my house.

That's odd that you had such a cold day, we've been unseasonably warm, by that I mean today was one of our colder days and it only got down to -7. We've only really had maybe a week of freezing, really freezing cold... that's not a complaint by no means!

You take care, keep getting your rest and my suggestion, hide your password someplace safe. I've had to change mine once or twice...oops!

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