Friday, December 9, 2011

14 Days and Counting

Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks until Christmas Eve - for me the official start of Christmas. I love the anticipation of Christmas Eve, knowing that the following day is Christmas Day, makes Christmas Eve even more special.

I have begun wrapping gifts and today even posted off my two parcels to friends in other parts of the country. All my baking is complete and I feel as though the festive season is in the air.

Ivan took the girls for a walk around the neighbourhood tonight to see the lights - we are one of about 5 houses that have lights up for Christmas and when they returned - they all agreed that ours look pretty good. What a lovely feeling!

The next two weeks are filled with special things - I have a dentist appointment - oh goodie! A sore tooth that is going to need a filling - so that I can enjoy my Christmas dinner and hopefully lots of chocolates. I also have a hair appointment, so that my Christmas photos will be pretty.

But, seriously I am also taking the girls to see 'The Nutcracker Ballet' on Sunday 18th and then on Tuesday 20th we are going to see 'Swan Lake' - the joy of the Theatre at Christmas.

I have two weeks of Joy ahead with nothing that I have to do, have to achieve, or have to buy. Everything is ready and I am going to relax and enjoy it all.

How are your plans for Christmas coming along?  Are you counting down yet?

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Michelle said...

Sounds Festive and Relaxed, Beverly! I think this will be a Wonderful Christmas for you and yours.