Monday, December 19, 2011

6 Days and counting

I am getting really excited - it is only 6 days to Christmas morning.

Yesterday we started our Christmas week with a lovely day.  Leslie and Frank(family friends) came up to pick up Margaret, who was staying with Mum and Dad.  I haven't seen Leslie since I was in my teens and she hasn't changed. The lovely thing was that she said the same about Me!  It was wonderful to talk to someone from my childhood and she remembered my beautiful doll Belinda - perhaps the only person in the whole world who would remember this doll. 

The girls and I then went to see the Brisbane Youth Ballet's performance of 'The Nutcracker' - a truly magical way to start the Christmas week.  The performance was excellent and the costumes out of this world.

Today we are all having our haircut - with our lovely friend Hayley. Matthew is then working this afternoon and I have some chores to do, including putting in the application for a new sewerage system - oh what a lot of S**t!  Still we have hopefully found a good company that is going to fix the problem for once and for all, in late January.

I also need to call the Termite Man as we have discovered a huge nest on one of the wooden posts in the pool filter cover box. Just another chore for the day.

Tomorrow - Tuesday I am spending the morning in the city having my tooth fixed - then coming home, picking up the family and attending the ballet - Swan Lake.

On Wednesday I have a day at home and on Thursday I have to take Matt for his final orthodontic appointment of the year.

Friday is cleaning day and Saturday is my favourite day of the year - Christmas Eve. I love the anticipation of Christmas.

So my week is busy, but filled with lovely (and not so lovely) things to do. Counting down the days with Joy.

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