Friday, December 16, 2011

Sounds of Silence

I have a sore throat and a very sore tooth.

For the past month I have had a tooth that has twinged when I bit on it, and although I had it checked out at my recent check-up, it hasn't improved.  So Wednesday went back to the dentist who referred me to the Endodontist (specialist) - well yesterday he decided I needed a root canal.  This first appointment has left me $600 out of pocket and with an even more painful tooth.  Now he wants another $2100 on Tuesday to complete the work. 

Now I have private medical insurance, so I phoned them to ask how much I would get back and discovered that they will generously give me a whole $466 of the $2100 - I wanted to sit down and cry. So I began phoning around. First of all I found a lovely dentist who is going to give me a second opinion on Saturday (as to whether I need all this done at all and if it has to be done by a specialist) and if I do, I have found another Endodontist who will do the whole thing for between $1600 & $1900 depending on the work required. Still a shocking amount of money; but a little better than before.

I am so annoyed and upset about the whole thing.  Dental treatment is so expensive and is considered a luxury in this country.  We have a wonderful medical insurance scheme that covers health costs, but dental is not covered. And as I have now discovered even if you pay the extra insurance premiums to have private health cover, you will still be out of pocket more that 60% of the costs.

So why the title - Sounds of Silence

That is because to add insult to injury I have a sore throat. Maybe, a leftover from the Whooping Cough, but possibly my reflux playing up or throat thrush - Yuck and boo hoo! Feeling really sorry for myself. 

Am going to need a Gastroscopy in early 2012 to check on reflux and in the meantime have some tablets and painkillers.

I want to indulge in all things yummy and tasty and enjoy Christmas, but with a sore throat and a tooth and is 'broken' I am on a pre-Christmas diet - oh well that is a really good thing I guess.

So maybe, I will just follow the words  "Silence is Golden - Shut up and get Rich."


Mom said...

Shame sweetheart, I do hope you had a good night's sleep, you sure have had too many ups and down's this year. It is a case of money money all going down the you know where, even that is a problem, hang in there love, all will be right.

Julie said...

So sorry to hear it...although I have to say, it does sound familiar what with root canals and Christmas and all.

I have had all the same thoughts about stupid medical plans that somehow think yourmouth is not part of your body!

Just one suggestion...excellent international dentist in Mongolia will do a root canal for $10.00. Not even kidding...our friend from the ger is getting one. Oh, yeah, only $7.00 is you join the clinic.

darlin said...

Oh my goodness, now teeth to be worked on. Here we don't have coverage for dental neither, we have to buy it separate but it covers more than what yours does for some reason. I sure hope that you're up to par by Christmas day, then you can really indulge after the weight you'll lose not being able to eat now. There is a brighter side, sometimes we just have to look for it... as you did.

I like what Julie suggested, or how about a student from the university? They're supervised, well they are here. That way you'll be able to save a small fortune for Disneyland.

Take care and I sure hope you get well soon!

Beverly said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely caring comments - I am coping okay with my sore mouth and yes Julie, I do remember our Christmas together when you were in the same shape.
Darlene, have been shopping around and hopefully tomorrow will get a second opinion.

MarkT said...

Oh Beverly, poor you.
Tony had to have similar work done this year, and it cost us an arm and a leg too. The other option was false teeth, and I no-no-ed that straight away. I didn't want a glass with his gnashers on the bedside table staring at me in the morning!
I hope you get things sorted as quickly as possible and at a good rate.