Friday, December 2, 2011


I have discovered that 'breathing' (without coughing) is something to really be treasured.

I have 'Whooping Cough' and no I am not whooping - but coughing - yes I am.  Adult whooping cough is horrible and how young children survive or cope with it is beyond me.

Saturday night I developed a sore throat, Tuesday a visit to the doctor - 'just a virus' - Thursday another visit to the doctor and finally antibiotics to treat 'whooping cough'.

I am in bed for the second day and feel 'crap' - I can't rest, am coughing until I throw up and am exhausted. Someone told me this is the 100 day cough - I hope not.

So this post is about Me, feeling sorry for myself.

I guess I will appreciate breathing freely, when this passes - as I know it will.

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Mom said...

Hang in there Beverly, you certainly don't look or sound well. Please, keep it to yourself, don't share it with the old folk. Lots of love