Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last day

Today is a special day for Elizabeth - it is her last day of lectures as an undergraduate student.   She will graduate on July 20th, but today is her last actual day.  She has one more 2000 word essay to write and submit, but otherwise it is all 'in the bag'.

A big photo smile for Mum - eating breakfast before Dad takes you to university - a time to chat together.
Then of course . . . she begins again . . . she has signed up to do her Honours degree in English Literature.

Well done Elizabeth - you are an amazing young woman and we are so proud of you.


Mom/Granny said...

Elizabeth, what a wonderful journey you have shared with Grandad and I over the past few years, you inspire us with your knowledge, your attitude in overcoming so many hurdles, well done Sweetheart.

Ian Weatherburn said...

Congratulations Elizabeth! Hope you have an awesome last day and then on to bigger and even better things of course. For your essay can you write "The End" 1000 times? :)

Julie said...

Fantastic and congratulations on this awesome achievement! What must that feel like!? Hopefully I'll find out myself in a couple of years!

Davine said...

What a great accomplishment for Elizabeth and a proud moment for Mum!!